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Google +1: Screenshot and Details 73

An anonymous reader noted that a screenshot has leaked showing Google's response to the Facebook 'Like' button that is used to track your every movement throughout the web. It's called Google +1. The product is not announced or launched, nor is the updated toolbar also discussed in the story.

Comment Re:Ammo (heat sinks) (Score 1) 331

Chances are you're relying on the sniper rifle too much. I'm playing an infiltrator and I had that problem at first, but I started mowing down the mooks with the SMG and biotics and saving the sniper rifle for when I needed to take out heavily armored/shielded enemies. I also bring 2 other biotics for my squad. Even with the cooldowns, between all three characters I can just bounce all of the enemies off walls/the floor or use a Pull/Warp to nuke the lot of them instead of wasting ammo.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 2, Insightful) 214

Since when? I graduated HS in '04 and they were definitely teaching to the lowest common denominator at the time. Good ole NCLB. I wish they were teaching to the highest common denominator. It's better that the kids who are actually going to go on to higher education get a good foundation in high school than to set the bar low so that those who are just going back to the farm/McDonalds don't fail at anything.

I was a classic underachiever, none of the curriculum from elementary school onward was challenging enough and I never took school seriously because it was so dull. I got by with a C average by acing all the tests as I tended to skip school constantly and not bother with homework.

I really regret it now. Obviously, it's not just the school system's fault. I should have taken it more seriously, but I was a bored teenager. If the curriculum and been more engaging and challenging, I might have looked up from my books for more than correcting my teachers.

Comment Re:Oh yea, we'll test it really hard. (Score 1) 364

I'm thoroughly testing it, and thoroughly pleased. This is the first time in years I that I did not replace IE immediately. I've been using it for a couple weeks, now. One problem I eventually found is that Google Chrome won't install. IE has frozen several times (it's beta.) I hated Vista with a passion, but so far I am really happy with Windows 7.

Chrome installed without a problem for me, it was the first thing I did after installing 7 in a VM.

Comment Re:Going green not so easy (Score 2, Informative) 380

Your comparison does not take into account transportation impact. (Factory -> Store, Store -> Home) Nor of the discs themselves, which are eventually discarded and end up in a landfill. Also, the computer in your comparison often would have been running anyway, if that is the case, you cannot count the cost of electricity used against the cost of the CD production.

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