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Comment The End. (Score 1) 734

The Linux community needs to consolidate and get a marketing department. Microsoft is really dropping the ball dumbing down each new version of Windows to never-touched-a-computer- before levels. I don't want Win8. Win7 was bad enough. If the Linux people could step up and put out a really good release and get the laptop manufacturers to back it they could really step up in this era. Most users are simple and just want to click on an icon and have whatever come up on the screen. Linux could excel in this while having less malware than Win and less cost than Apple. Linux is way better tech an OSX, it's time to put Apple to shame for being the cheesy media whores they are by producing something better, cheaper and ugh "friendlier". I don't mind editing a text file to change my settings,but most regular people are really confused by that sort of thing. Makes me fear for the future of humanity.

Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 153

Most 15 year olds are too lazy to even run a script if they can't do it with a console controller. The new crop of teens doesn't know anything about computers because they came up on Windows and Mac systems. When I was a teener hacking was pretty cool and got you respect on the BBS scene. These days kids just aren't into that sort of thing. I gotta give this kid props for even trying, even if he was a script kiddie. He knows a lot more than the rest of his school probably.


66% of All Windows Users Still Use Windows XP 931

An anonymous reader writes "Almost one year after the introduction of Windows 7 it appears that the hype surrounding it has faded. The overall market share of Windows has turned into a slight decline again. Windows 7 is gaining share, but cannot keep pace with the loss of Windows XP and Vista. Especially Windows XP users seem to be happy with what they have and appear to be rather resistant to Microsoft's pitches that it is time to upgrade to Windows 7."

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 154

Not really, there is some redundancy in the system. But 7.5% of the DNS system was down. We should definitely increase the number of people who control the DNS system. Preferably all over the world. Heck, let's give Iran a couple too and be fair.

Comment Re:No Thanks (Score 1) 207

That's the same as people NOT doing things because it's the IN thing. It's no better morally than just doing the IN thing and going with the crowd. I'd check it out if I had silverlight. I like to keep crap out of my install so I avoid things like Silverlight and Quicktime and Realplayer and whatnot... (Is Real still even around?) Most of the content of the shitty, ugly formats are available in other formats. Eventually there's a divx version of everything.

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