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Comment Re:Phoning the police? (Score 2) 181

In Austria they most definitely would. There is very little crime there, so they would be happy to have something to do. They even turn up if you be a dick about getting caught not paying 2EU for a train ride. I lived in Vienna for 7 years, and well skimming was a recognized problem. My bank would send out pamphlets on what to look out for. Despite the fact that my card was not really vulnerable.

Comment Re: Jeremy Clarkson lampooned the vehicle (Score 1) 596

Well you sort of have a point..But this is top gear (the old version) with 3 self professed idiots who have at many times admitted they are in fact mostly ignorant about cars outside of driving em (and lets face it, they are pretty shitty drivers as well). They have never been informative about cars and mostly don't even try to be. Clarson is constantly going on about his god given right to own the biggest gas guzzler SUV and drive like a total asshole. So if viewers think this is an informative show, well then they are the sucker.

Comment Re: Really? (Score 1) 596

but as it's a piece of metal, it's not going to suddenly snap. Metal doesn't do that.

Apparently you don't know shit about metal, metal fatigue, metal corrosion, or metal failure modes. Metal can and does snap. And well for example it doesn't even tell the full story. My breaks totally and instantly failed on an old hillman hunter 1975 car when the *metal* hydraulic line burst.

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