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Submission + - Aliyun OS app store distributing pirated apps including Google apps for Android (androidpolice.com)

dell623 writes: In a Google+ post explaining how Aliyun OS is under no obligation to be compatible with Android but cannot expect OHA members like Acer to work with them, Andy Rubin alleged that the official Aliyun app store is distributing pirated Google apps for Android. Android Police did some further research and found pirated Google apps like Google drive listed, as well as other pirated Android apps made available for download without permission from developers.

Submission + - Fragmentation comes to iOS (wordpress.com) 2

dell623 writes: While the fragmentation issues in iOS are nowhere near as bad as Android, it can nolonger be considered non existent. I have prepared a chart showing which features will be available on which device. While some restrictions are the result of hardware limitations, it is clear that Apple has deliberately chosen to limit some previous generation devices, and figuring this out isn't always straightforward if you're not buying the latest iPad or iPhone.

Submission + - Google releases Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates for the Nexus S (wordpress.com)

dell623 writes: Google has begun updating the Google Nexus S, which was released in December 2010 to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The update comes with all the new features of JB, including Google Now. The update makes the almost two year old phone smooth and in many ways superior to newer, more expensive Android devices that are unlikely to even be updated to Android 4.0. The update is impressive, but also exposes the problems of Android fragmentation and the failure of other Android device manufacturers to develop better software than Google, or issue timely updates.

Submission + - Facebook gives @facebook.com email you never asked for, appears on your profile (arstechnica.com)

dell623 writes: Facebook has given everyone a facebook.com email address, even if you never asked for it. It also helpfully shows up on your profile without your permission. Just a reminder that privacy on facebook will always be opt out, not opt in, and Facebook is liable to make information public without your permission.

Submission + - Google releasing official Android 4.0 ICS update f (twitter.com)

dell623 writes: Google is rolling out an OTA upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich for the Nexus S. GSM versions can already be updated manually. An early review is largely positive and comments on the significant visual and performance improvements. The Nexus S upgrade allows for a direct comparison against Gingerbread on the same hardware, and the likely improvement in current phones that will receive the upgrade.

Submission + - Apple transfers patents to sue all phone makers th (techcrunch.com)

dell623 writes: A patent lawsuit by patent licensing firm Digitude Innovations curiously targeted all mobile manufacturers except Apple. A Techcrunch story has revealed that the patents used were transferred via a shell company to DI, and appear to cover features found in virtually all smartphones. The lawsuit even extends to companies that don't make Android phones like Nokia and RIM, and to Android OEMs that Apple have not directly sued yet like Sony. The business model of DI clearly implies that Apple would benefit financially from the lawsuit as a company that contributed patents to DI's portfolio.

Submission + - Apple behind patent troll which is suing all mobil (techcrunch.com)

dell623 writes: "Techcrunch have posted a story about the patent troll company Digitude Innovations that recently filed suit with ITC suing all major mobile manufacturers except Apple. It turns out DI is a patent accumulating and licensing company and the patents it is using to sue were owned by Apple until recently before being transferred via a shell company. The patents in question are typical software patents that could be said to be infringed by every smartphone."

Submission + - Indian $35 tablet costs $50 to build, inferior to (wordpress.com)

dell623 writes: "The actual manufacturing cost of the Indian $35 tablet is almost $50 and the retail unsubsidized price will b $60, putting it close to the cheapest android tablets that retail for around $70. In comparison, it is crippled by even slower and inferior hardware, especially the 366Ghz processor and no camera. It has been suggested that a device designed from ground up, possibly using an e-ink screen would be more useful and cost the same, as compared to a crippled version of a device that is essentially trying to copy an iPad. Questions are also being raised about the availability of promised content to be accessible through this device. There are already concerns about usability with students who tried the device complaining about the unresponsive touchscreen."

Submission + - No one expects the Apple inquisition (wordpress.com)

dell623 writes: "Apple's recent lawsuits against Samsung and HTC are based on patents that are considered trivial and obvious by most people with a working knowledge of software. Apple are not the only company using such patents, but they are doing it blatantly, publicly and dishonestly, and sadly, unlike common patent trolls, they have a unique history of innovation. Such lawsuits can have far reaching consequences. If such patent wars had happened in the last 30-40 years personal computing devices and the internet wouldn't exist as they do today, and similarly, these patent wars threaten to bring about a technological dark age of stagnation or decline, smothering a technological revolution that is still young. We have had an incredible, transformational period of around four decades where powerful computers started off powering expensive military systems and ended up as minuscule devices in our hands that can talk to each other across the world, and we have only begun to explain the possibilities this brings us. These patent wars threaten to brutally strangle a still young revolution that has possibilities we can only begin to imagine."

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