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Submission + - Congressman Rescinds Call for Student's Arrest

delirium of disorder writes: "Congressman Markey (D-Mass) previously called for the arrest of Christopher Soghoian for demonstrating flaws in the boarding pass system of Northwest Airlines on his website . Now that the FBI shut the site down and raided Soghoian's home, Markey has changed his mind. He is no longer believes the government should arrest Christopher, and even recommended that Chris work for Department of Homeland Security."

Submission + - Video Games are Serious Learning Tools

delirium of disorder writes: "The Federation of American Scientists recently announced the results of a year of study (evil registration required) and are calling for more research into which features of video games are most important for education. The Departments of Education and Labor and the National Science Foundation would lead the way under this plan."

Submission + - Fiction Author Charged With Obscenity

delirium of disorder writes: "U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan announced charges against a woman who ran a web site that published fictional tales about the sexual abuse of children. Karen Fletcher was indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday on six counts involving six stories about the kidnapping, torture, sexual molestation and murder of children 9 and under. The charges carry five years in prison each."
United States

Submission + - Bush's Proposal Legally Defines War on Terror

delirium of disorder writes: "From the article:
"A little-noticed provision in President Bush's proposal for the treatment of suspected terrorists would for the first time legally endorse the fight against terrorism as equivalent to war, lawmakers and national security lawyers say."
Members of congress and human rights leaders critical of the measure have expressed fears that it may broaden the president's power to act without conferring with Congress or the courts."

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