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Comment Adobe's Activation Servers are going 2 be offline (Score 0) 1030

all known crack /keygen/patch for adobe software relies on HOSTS file CS4 Serial number gets invalid serial number message when ... : kb407408 Error "You entered an invalid serial number..." when you ... : kb401677 "Licensing for this product has stopped working" on Windows : kb405970 "Licensing for this product has stopped working" on Mac OS : cpsid_51260 creativesuite 4 /5

Comment nope (Score 0) 420

what freedom freedom to impose your views oh come on the small state is trying to assert itself like every other country its going through a phase give it 20 -30 yrs(see it happens in every democratic country or at least before a dictator/pseudo dictator think Musharraf, chavez or a head of nationalistic local/regional party ascends to power it takes time for them to master global process of doing work..some learn others dont) [single idol (chavez) cant turn country into socialist power it needs a enforcer think an all powerful party system(china ,USSR)or army(big financial player)(pakistan) what will happen is the point of interaction of two different system (capitalist and socialist) will create a nexus for corruption,might cause destablization,powerstruggleany number of things] it isint like it can compete with usa (usa has more or less quite a say in regional matters in both the american continents) you must realize it takes only a decade to turn foes into friends one they get the idea of capitalism (free market 'n all) as some one pointed out socialism is doling out manna from heaven be it oil or natural resources, it has only a limited shelf life what chavez is doing is garnering support i have not been into south american political system so no clue why he is doing that maybe trying to stabilize his support base ,appease a local functionary(or a faction)...

Comment biased view (Score 0) 420

the posting is biased..... first quote by writer already shows his leanings... this isint a discussion its a statement shouting WTF, i mean sure it may be a violent city..but at least they are trying for a change of their least they are willing maybe not in right direction but their willingness to change...even something as small as violent games may provide a good vibe from citizen and this wave might move to banning guns and other weapons and move to a civil society

ImageShack Hacked, Security Groups Threatened 288

revjtanton writes "Last night a group calling themselves 'Anti-Sec' hacked ImageShack, one of the largest image hosting sites on the web, and replaced many of the site's hosted pictures with one of their own, which detailed their manifesto. The group's grievance is against full-disclosure of exploits, an issue that was debated recently after a presentation on an ATM exploit was canceled. Anti-Sec simply wants the practice within security circles to end, and they've promised to cause 'mayhem and destruction' if it doesn't. These people are taking direct aim against a sector of the IT industry that is already armed to fight the ... but they also already know that. It should be interesting to see how this plays out."

Retired Mainframe Pros Lured Back Into Workforce 223

itwbennett writes "Businesses that cut experienced mainframe administrators in an effort to cut costs inadvertently created a skills shortage that is coming back to bite them. Chris O'Malley, CA's mainframe business executive VP, says that mainframe workers were let go because 'it had no immediate effect and the organizations didn't expect to keep mainframes around.' But businesses have kept mainframes around and now they are struggling to find engineers. Prycroft Six managing director Greg Price, a mainframe veteran of some 45 years, put it this way: 'Mainframes are expensive, ergo businesses want to go to cheaper platforms, but [those platforms] have a lot of packaged overheads. If you do a total cost of ownership, the mainframe comes out cheaper, but since the costs of a mainframe are immediately obvious, it is hard to get it past the bean-counters of an organization.'"

Comment Re:Remember... (Score 1) 418

well chuck norris has already done that... way back he kicked it so hard it came to be know as booting up a computer although historians tell that the ritual has long faded away we still kick/push a button to commemorate that event although unconfirmed reports say a lost and remote tribe called "windows users" still practice kicking their computers

Comment Re:Are there torrents left?hell yeah ! (Score 1) 267

so they are going to filter how are they going to decode encrypted, password/key file protected files with generic names like 00128733-435.torrent heck you throw a filter we'll throw encryption with each level of sophistication it will become that much harder to check large amount of torrents for violations and links would be posted of realnames of torrents on bbs & private forums encrypted udp streams over tor or other distributed anonimizing layer are already available yes there will be costs (low speed) but with broadband speed increasing and native hardware encryption support coming to processors and hardware encryption available on harddrives (and our systems already dual cores ...or more) bring 'em on _ torrents on mininova 1,086,323

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