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Comment Re:Long story short (Score 1) 181

I agree with the sentiment, the article even states it plainly: Enough of the "board" is staffed by people that also work in the company, so there is no reason to hire a extra to work as a CEO.
So the article's headline is a blatant lie. There is somebody in Charge of the company: The board.

This would be what... Active management by board?

Comment No long term stratergy (Score 2) 201

So based on this article:
1. Price on gas lowers
2. Gas plants gets built
3. It turned out once built en mass, that gas plants was cheaper than coal before price collapse, but nobody knew until economy of scale kicked in
That said, the statement in the article do not have to ring true at all.

Then again, per Wikipedia, Owners:
-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (24.3%)
-Salt River Project (21.7%)
-LADWP (former) (21.2%)
-Arizona Public Service (14.0%)
-NV Energy (11.3%)
-Tucson Electric Power (7.5%)
So 4 out of 6 want it shut down, in the mid term future. Which one? And why?

Comment Re: Surgery (Score 1) 120

So tl:dr
He isn't Dr. gemoules
But its a Doctors office which specialized in a type of new fancy procedure. Who might have some guy in his late 40s as a figurehead & main surgeon.

So basically his office is a gamble: If the procedure is unsafe, the office will have issues with that. If it isn't, the office is a pioneer, and i don't know what is to be earned on it beyond keeping current revenue and upgrades.

>The catch?
That isn't a catch. That is how surgery work. Surgeon do not move. You go to surgeon. Its the basic of how surgeons and specialists earn money and reputation.

Comment Mirror Noir (Score 1) 204

We are also seeing A Chinese Elite fleeing China.
Either because most of their wealth is based in Taiwan or Hong Kong, or because they simply don't like Authority Figures outside of their own family.
We are also seeing them staying, because things like Security is far easier to operate in a segregated 2nd world state.

>"The power elite"
Which one? Wall Street Co? Parts of the Bildenberg group? Tax Heaven Swindlers?
I don't think there is what you think there is.
There is also a legitimate risk of The Powerful Elite being unable to set its foot inside China after some point, because the economic infractions might stack up.
Then again, this is China, families already have some form of Citizen score.

Comment Re:You get what you pay for (Score 1) 624

Unless the paper edition is better, The Guardian is pretty shit. It seems limited to top level national news, but no digging or investigation.
Le Monde looks like a shitty global Tabloid.
And the trend seem to follow for most of them: Pages long articles with little to no content, and mostly reprints/elaboration from a core source. I.E Reuters, Agence France-Presse, Associated Press, etc
The same is especially true of the various National News Agencies around the world, which serves as a spring board for everything else to get... stories

I am not sure which I blame more. The 24 hour news cycle, meaning no research. The daily newspaper, meaning only current events can be "news". Or the tabloid getting profitable enough, that Regular News didn't just condemn it and move on.

Its a sad point when the best news source is your state funded news agency(I.e NRK), but you can still spot that there is lots of shitty translations of foreign articles, and many raw reprints of statements.
It saddens me when I see reprints of stuff like the EM drive, or Cold Fusion, and its just a raw reprint instead of bothering a PHD in some university until they got a reasonable article.

Comment Re:Never Got It (Score 1) 227

I guess its a combination of media, and breaktrough.
Some of the shorter stories feels like something out of a Light Novel, or reading a better paced comic(i.e Donald Pocket). And I don't mean anything by that: The pacing is just pretty high, and things happen at a radical rate.

A lot of the short stories is 20-30 pages. In contrast, a lot of books quickly use 200-400 pages to do the same thing.
The general formula for the more sci fi stuff seem to be:
1. Some introduction page
3. Background objects is described, exactly as fantastical and mundane as they are
4. More amazing stuff
5. Raw cynicism if the final part of the story is short, where what has played out is explored indirectly

The reading style is also rather enjoyable, which is further amplified by the pacing.
Some of the slower books, like Starship Troopers: still has a extreme pacing.
And if you watch older Sci Fi, or Non American Sci Fi, you can see the influence: There is a good amount of effort put into having background objects be background objects, even if they are described. Its very contrasted to the Hollywood way of "if you describe a object, its a important foreground object".

Comment Re:Turkey and Kurds (Score 1) 94

>It's inane to pretend that today's Russia has the same global geopolitical goals as did their Soviet predecessors.
Is it now? The same leaders that basically led the Soviet lead into its fall, also got to lead Russia when it rebuilt post Soviet. We are entering a era where Russia is starting to finish its Cold War Recovery.
We already had a Crimean war, where we got a "axaaxaxaxa" as a passager plane was shot down.
We had Soviet pilots come on record with their Soviet stuff, and what is essentially bullying in International Waters praying US won't just open fire and deny it.
In International space, something like was left behind on Svalbard, mostly due the Post Soviet economic crash. Its neighbor, , is still alive, and one of the few places where Russia exports its.... imperialism.

The Russian International trend so far since Post Soviet has been to Bully, but back down if Bully has no effect. You can see this in effect if its about Nuclear subs, air territory, International fishing waters. Or the gigantic department of foreign trolls, to exist to AstroTurf foreign communities.
Or on wars it has fought, where the entire strategy is that the enemy will not shoot back properly.

Just remember: Russians do not respect Public Space. The world is their for the taking, and then poorly maintained. It doesn't matter if its Crimea, Sweden, Svalbard, International Fishing Rights, or Putins 2nd wife.

Comment Re:But climate change is a myth!!! YODA GREASE (Score 0) 206

In Norway, its reaching the 25% mark because unlike a lot of other countries, Electric Cars is exempted from quite a few regulations, which makes them significantly cheaper.
That still do not change that if the genie is in the bottle, its not out: Before Tesla, Leaf and a few other brands arrived to the marked, the electric segment where electric scooters converted to small city cars

Comment Re:It's because the game has no long term goals (Score 1) 194

>Unlike Ingress, where there is a continuing story line influenced by how well the two factions are doing,
Doesn't this just make it unlikely for people to want to play Ingress?
I get the point of Ingress, but it seems extremely pointless.

Go really doesn't have anything going for it either, but it has 1 core goal: To catch them all. Thats your long term goal. Everything else is a part of the fun journey.

Comment Re:Ignorant fools (Score 1) 190

The fuck is a plant? Cabbage? Cornflower? Apples? Grains? Weed roots?
I admit i skimmed the link, but it doesn't really say anything. "So humans don't get full benefit from eating cellulose, but they can still eat it", or at the least that is what it seems to be talking about.

I understand that we live in a era where the knowledge of what weeds is edible is resurrecting slowly, but one needs to be more specific.
I.E What ancestors of plants is eaten? What has been domesticated? What weeds did we eat back then, but didn't domesticate?
Its also worth noting that we eat meat differently today. Today we eat the prime meat, and who knows what happens to the blood or skin. Our ancestors would eat or preserve the whole animal, if possible. Eating the whole animal is a trend, that stopped close to modern times too.

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