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Comment Quality vs Speed (Score 2) 34

While I applaud AMD for their initiative there have been tests that show a drop in quality of GPU encoded H264 vs a CPU/software solution.
For details check out: and,2839-13.html

Comment Errors... (Score 1) 249

I don't know how these sites generate that much traffic. I for one can't even use them properly.
Getting error messages like: "Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet." and "This video is not available in your country".
I know it's on their end since higher quality services like ThePirateBay never had any such errors, and even if there were some tehnical issues in accessing the main site, it always had an available mirror. The price was right too.
If only other sites would learn some good practices from ThePirateBay, for example: decent pricing, global release dates and quality assurance.

Comment Winapp2 site states.... (Score 1) 305

From the Winapp2.ini site (numbering added by me):

1. is the official website of Winapp2.ini, an addon for CCleaner, System Ninja, and

2. This website and its files are not endorsed or supported in any way by Piriform. They take no responsibility for any damages or problems that arise from its use.

3. Many entries from Winapp2.ini have been included in the official builds of CCleaner over time.

Looks like the " CCleaner data" the email is referring to is actually Winapp2 data included into CCleaner.

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