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Submission + - Layeredtech Disconnect -a lot- of servers

defsdoor writes: "Layeredtech have sent out a single email to it's customers saying that they must raise a support ticket to relocate their hosted servers by 30th September or their server will be disconnected. Today they disconnected them. Don't know how many it has affected but layeredtech's support system is on it's knees right now so it must be a fair few.

They should have at least issue reminders and warnings — especially as the relocation involved new IP addresses for all servers so would not be a trivial task."

Comment jabberd2/mysql/PSI (Score 1) 360

Install jabberd2 with mysql backend and PSI for the client. Then ask me nicely for my roster scripts that ensure that all users see all users, grouped nicely etc..

Block 5269 to your jabber server and make sure your users do not have direct internet access and they can't use the server or the clients to talk to anyone outside your server then.

Comment Free Downloads For Life (Score 5, Insightful) 262

So they charge everyone with broadband 20 quid to effectively allow them to legally download everything for free.

So no one will buy music/video again - they've already paid for it.

How will the money raised by this tax get distributed to the artists ?

Of course the answer is it won't. It will shore up the record companies, who will still bleat about people stealing music and use that as the excuse for the artists to get even further shafted.

Welcome to 21st Century Government - where the government's only purpose is to take your money from you and give it to whoever currently has their ear (and wallet).

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