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Comment Other games too (Score 1) 118

The are so many RPG's on kickstarter that it's difficult to decide on which ones to back. Everyone seems to go for the big names of yesteryear re-writes/sequels, but not so much for the new, smaller systems or the actual Role-Playing Games (i.e. - non-computer ones). Personally I would like to see more spread of the funding across the board (no pun intended) so that more games in general get built instead of just having focus on rewrites (not that I mind the rewrites for the most part). Heres a small random-ish selection of other smaller stuff that can be backed on KS: (Vaccum Shadows) (4KINGDOMS) (Hull Breach!) (Ultimate RPG Toolkit) But it's best if everyone takes a good browse through lots of KS projects - theres some really good stuff in there.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Kickstarter breathes new life into non-computer RPG's ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Looking at the pages of Kickstarter now I see a lot of Role-Playing Games being done — these are not your computer based games, but the old style Pen, Paper and Dice ones. As the world changes into the more computer-centric games world (even classic board games are getting the digital treatment) it's good that the old tabletop-style games are still popular and have a way of being funded via Indie methods.

The art of gaming without pixels is something that should never be lost — mainly because it's all in the head of the players and therefore helps with social interaction, communication and imagination. Whereas computer-based RPGs (and FPS's) present the player with everything that the designer wanted them to see — there is no way for the player to ask about something that is not on the screen.

What do other 'older' gamers think about how the RPG industry is going? Should we support the newer paper RPG's or continue down the digital route?


Submission + - Indie Low-Budget Sci-fi Short Combines Miniatures With CGI ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The filmmakers behind Indie Kickstarter-funded sci-fi short HENRi chose to photograph the film practically with miniature sets and rod-puppetry, as opposed to relying solely on CG animation, to create the uniquely visual world from the script. NoFilmSchool writes: "The film is a unique blend of traditional miniature and puppetry effects alongside more modern motion-reference animation, and the results are simply stunning.” The film’s director, Eli Sasich, explains in an article for Filmmaker Magazine, "The concept of using quarter-scale miniatures to create HENRi was initially born out of necessity – but I also wanted to use the technique because that’s how the classics were made.” In addition to the effects, HENRi pays homage to classic science fiction in another way – it stars sci-fi legend Keir Dullea (2001: A Space Odyssey) in the title role. The trailer and film are available now on the film's official website.

Submission + - Raspberry Pi's Eben Upton: "Programming will make you a better doctor" (

cylonlover writes: After a handful of days of furtive suggestion, spring made its presence felt in London today, where the second Technology Frontiers conference got underway. The Economist-organized event sees leading technologists and cultural figures take to the podium to beclue and/or befuddle some 250 ideas-thirsty businesspersons. Among them was Raspberry Pi Foundation founder Eben Upton, who proved to be one of the day's most lucid speakers. He went into some detail as to the inception of the Raspberry Pi and the need for more computer programmers.

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