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Comment Typical.... (Score 1, Flamebait) 61

European nations are damned near bankrupt and going through austerity, but the EU demands more money to spend on unaccountable commissioners and MEP's who've never had their expenses signed off, free holidays, and idiotic projects such as arc manche that no one asked for or wants.... and now it seemingly has enough to start a new space project...


Comment Re:Glad to see it (Score 2) 129

The trial judge Mr. Justice Morland stated that exposure to violent videos might have encouraged the actions of Thompson and Venables, but this was disputed by David Maclean, the Minister of State at the Home Office at the time, who pointed out that police had found no evidence linking the case with "video nasties".[41] Some UK tabloid newspapers claimed that the attack on James Bulger was inspired by the film Child's Play 3, and campaigned for the rules on "video nasties" to be tightened.[42] Inspector Ray Simpson of Merseyside Police commented: "If you are going to link this murder to a film, you might as well link it to The Railway Children"

In short... No.

Comment Just one thing... (Score 1, Funny) 892

Whilst this entire story is being inundated with the usual 'attack religion' comments that slashdot spews out like my arse after a curry, I do want to raise a few points in this debate.

That is that quite simple, all sides of the climate change camp (as that is what this thread is about, even if the summary avoided mentioning it directly) are equally as guilty of blind faith.

The Business side will refuse any concept which jeopardises their profit margins
The Religious side will refuse any concept which does not match their religious texts
The Politic side will refuse any concept which is unlikely to get them elected
The Environmentalist side will refuse any concept which doesn't show that climate change is indisputably real and mankind is to blame
The Scientist side will refuse any concept which question their science, which is confusing as science has to be questioned for it to be science, else it is merely ideology or at worst, religion.

As for myself. I'm a geek, and think you can all kiss my ass. I hope you all die from your bickering before the planet cooks you alive.
Your bs arguing is interfering with my late night gaming sessions, now shut up so I can go play warcraft.

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