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Comment when volkerding ditched Gnome out of slackware... (Score 1) 356

when volkerding ditched Gnome out of slackware, where were the kde sympathizers? I know, windows ui similarity is a reason kde is loved(yet the kde fanatics still deny this!) imo, Ubuntu must be consistent with Gnome version. unity seems to me, much worse than default Gnome. look at what Gnome3 did to Gnome DE development! 3 forks as of now iirc - unity,cinnamon,mate bleah!

Comment Where is My Gnome2? (Score 1) 204

Gnome developers! stop using mac os now!!! we've had enough. every fcuking turd knows that Linux Gui or Desktop Environments are blatant copies of Windows or Mac! KDE = way too much windows! ya fans will definitely denyy Gnome = mac os x el copy... When WIll Linux Get a Real Desktop Environment? GNOME 2 was the closest thing. People are really settled with it. Now, they want to show us a tablet/mobile UI called Gnome3! Why? Gnome3 has problems with window manager mutter and clutter(libs). Many applications render like sh1t especially firefox,eye of gnome etc when pages gets garbled,stuck. this is in addition to the frustration of not having Gnome2.. tbh

Comment Re:nspluginwrapper (Score 1) 272

Except nspluginwrapper doesn't seem to handle flash 10.1 very well. For example, don't right click on the flash test at Sadly nspluginwrapper's web site and subversion repository have fallen off the net.

solution is to use latest firefox 3.6.4;explained heayah:

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