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Comment Re:My old-school wallet is already mobile. (Score 1) 194

Kinda the point of a wallet. It has several virtues that these new "mobile" wallets don't.

1. The things I have in the wallet are separable. 2. I can put non-digital information in it. 3. I can store untraceable currency in it. 4. It doesn't use batteries. 5. It is completely non-volatile. 6. It is completely secured from hacking. 7. I don't have to trust any third party with the contents of my wallet, ever. 8. The importance of 6 and 7 cannot be overstated.

and (9) my wages, earning, savings, etc... cannot be garnished at will by governing/crediting/banking parties as they see fit.


Submission + - Internet Explorer Users Are Dumber, Study Shows (foxnews.com)

deep_creek writes: "The study found that users of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera were all slightly above average in IQ test results, but Microsoft Internet Explorer users tended to be lower on the IQ scale.

These results aren't surprising because browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera are generally used by professionals and other assorted "geeks," while Internet Explorer is the default option on Windows computers and is mostly used by the inexperienced and those who don't even know there are other options."

Comment Re:How elastic? (Score 1) 213

Bone-shattering force is still applied to victim/target. The shirt may become rigid, but something has to absorb the force applied. Kind of like an extreme concussion to the head i'm thinking... your skull is fine but your brain is mush. Bullets purpose still achieves goal, now just less mess.

Food Activist's Life Becomes The Life of Brian 165

krou writes "After food activist and author Raj Patel appeared on The Colbert Report to promote his latest book, things seemed to be going well, until he began to get inundated with emails asking if he was 'the world teacher.' In events ripped straight from The Life of Brian, it would seem that Raj Patel's life story ticks all the boxes necessary to fulfill prophecies made by Benjamin Creme, founder of religious sect Share International. After the volume of emails and inquiries got worse, Patel eventually wrote a message on his website stating categorically that he was not the Messiah. Sure enough, 'his denial merely fanned the flames for some believers. In a twist ripped straight from the script of the comedy classic, they said that this disavowal, too, had been prophesied.'"

Piezo Crystals Harness Sound To Generate Hydrogen 187

MikeChino writes "Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have discovered that a mix of zinc oxide crystals, water, and noise pollution can efficiently produce hydrogen without the need for a dirty catalyst like oil. To generate the clean hydrogen, researchers produced a new type of zinc oxide crystals that absorb vibrations when placed in water. The vibrations cause the crystals to develop areas with strong positive and negative charges — a reaction that rips the surrounding water molecules and releases hydrogen and oxygen. The mechanism, dubbed the piezoelectrochemical effect, converts 18% of energy from vibrations into hydrogen gas (compared to 10% from conventional piezoelectric materials), and since any vibration can produce the effect, the system could one day be used to generate power from anything that produces noise — cars whizzing by on the highway, crashing waves in the ocean, or planes landing at an airport."

Garlic Farmer Wards Off High-Speed Internet 475

DocVM writes "A Nova Scotia farmer is opposing the construction of a microwave tower for fear it will eventually mutate his organic garlic crop. Lenny Levine, who has been planting and harvesting garlic by hand on his Annapolis Valley land since the 1970s, is afraid his organic crop could be irradiated if EastLink builds a microwave tower for wireless high-speed internet access a few hundred meters from his farm."

Comment Re:TCO (Score 1) 381

My future plan is to avoid the power grid and use solar to power items around the house that don't need the grid. Say an AC window unit that could run during the day on solar to supplement my central AC unit, etc... Stuff like this can be achieved as a DIY project.

Submission + - Vampire Arrested for Threatening Teen

deep_creek writes: Yesterday we had a Klingon robbing 7-11's... Today we have a Vampire in the news. Sign of the Times? From the Article " A self-described "vampyre" and former fringe political candidate faces charges for threatening a teenage girl who tried to break off their relationship by telling him she was actually a vampire hunter."

Comment Re:So much for not sacrificing ideals for safety. (Score 1) 906

By temperament and voter registration, I'm a Republican; however, I voted for (and hope for) an Obama win because the path the government has taken over the last 7-8 years has saddened and disgusted me. I'm glad he won.
Sadly, the only way to reverse the path the government has taken the last 7-8 years is to somehow go back and erase 9/11. The economy artificially ran smoothly after the hit for so long. It had to eventually stumble. Now that we have Obama (D), the economy can crumble until it hits Carter period lows. Give him another year and it will be there.

Submission + - "Remote Viewing" by the Ministry of Defenc

An anonymous reader writes: The Ministry of Defense, according to an article on The Scotsman, funded a secret study to ascertain whether people with psychic powers could help protect the nation. The tests used volunteers to discover whether they were able to use psychic powers to "remotely view" hidden objects. From the article: "Surprisingly 28 per cent of those tested managed a close guess at the contents of the envelopes, which included pictures of a knife, Mother Teresa and an "Asian individual". But most subjects, who were holed up in a secret location for the study, were hopelessly off the mark in their guesses. One even fell asleep while he tried to focus on the envelope's content. A former Ministry of Defence employee who received a copy of the report has claimed that the timing of the study suggests security services wanted to "remotely view" hidden weapons caches in Iraq and find Osama bin Laden."

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