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Comment Re:Pros and Cons (Score 1) 123

Just got my GSM one today, and this is about my experience so far. I am having a lot more trouble, and concern, over mounting the internal storage, as I run Linux. I tried libmtp, but it just timed out, though I could at least see the files on my device. Some experimentation needed. Plus, no flash or Google Wallet yet, which is odd. Going to the Google Wallet site says that it's exclusive to Sprint Nexus S phones still, I hope they fix that for those of us who told Verizon to go to hell and went with Google itself over any carrier monopoly.

Comment Mojang filed for a trademark on "Scrolls" (Score 1) 332

Seriously. This isn't them getting a cease and desist for using a word, this is them being forced to defend their "Elder Scrolls" trademark because Mojang was seeking the trademark for "Scrolls." This isn't evil lawyers, this isn't evil companies, it's dumb systems. RPS has a good article on it here:

Comment Re:"Your Rights Online"? (Score 5, Informative) 105

Well, in TFA it mentions it's the first time that anyone in Japan has been charged with "property destruction" for creating a virus. Also, he created all the images himself so he wouldn't get arrested for copyright infringement. Of course, none of this is made clear in the summary, and I think the latter point is more him being a smartass. I thought maybe he was a mis-aimed White Hat, but no, he was collecting the data from the affected computers as well and just hanging onto it. So, I guess that falls under YRO as a general "computer law" issue, but it's kind of an unnecessary story since it's just a guy getting arrested for making a virus. How original!

Comment Nexus One (Score 1) 2

If you can find it, it's probably the one that's closest to your needs. In terms of plan though, you're screwed. If I didn't have a grandfathered unlimited data plan at T-Mobile, I'm not sure what I would've done.

Submission + - What to do with an old G5 Tower?

lunatic1969 writes: I've got an old G5 PowerPC tower that's sitting in a spare room not seeing much in the way of use. I'd like to stick a linux distribution on it and maybe breath some life back into it. I've got a few vague ideas. It might be a handy file server, streaming video for a security system, or simply just to have a spare box around. My question is therefore in two parts: First, are there any particularly creative projects or ideas anyone has for an old G5, and second and most important, which distribution currently offers the best support for this box?

Comment Missing the point (Score 1) 366

This seems like the wrong point to come away with from the Nexus Experiment. You don't see Amazon, or even any other carrier, ending their cell phone sales online. The Nexus failure seems to be a lack of marketing and direction. It's a hell of a device for an entusiast and developer, if it were presented that way, or even sold as an unlocked dev phone (Which is still fucking isn't!) it would have done well. I just got mine a couple weeks ago, and I love it. And am ridiculously glad I got it in before they closed.

Driverless Cars Begin 8,000-Mile Trek 151

apoc.famine writes "Driverless technology from the University of Parma's VisLab was deployed in a real-world test on Tuesday. Two driverless chase vehicles will attempt to follow two lead vehicles across multiple continents, from Italy to China, over the course of three months. The journey will cover over 8,000 miles, (~13,000 km) as the chase vehicles use lasers and cameras to navigate hazards along the way. The team expects to collect about 100 TB of data, which requires a hefty electronics and battery load — the scale is such that the cars can only run for about three hours before needing 8 hours to recharge the batteries. This journey is being billed as just a test, and far from a real-world application. The vehicles don't go more than about 35mph, and need a person behind the wheel to take over at a moment's notice. 'What we are trying to do is stress our systems and see if they can work in a real environment, with real weather, real traffic, and crazy people who cross the road in front of you and a vehicle that cuts you off,' said project leader Alberto Broggi. The goal is not to produce just road vehicles, but to improve the technology so it can be used in military and agricultural roles as well. The team hopes to have helped mature the technology within the next 10-20 years to the point that it can be used on the road."

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