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Comment Re:Uh, no (Score 1) 815

Cold fusion is a _BIG_ orgasm. Just look at it: billions of tiny protons trying to break that electrostatic barrier that surrounds one big Ni nucleus and fecundate it into a cooper that after it's infancy will grow into another Ni nucleus. And the cycle repeats ad infinitum. (primera demonstrandum) So in other words if it is Bologna then it is University then it is sex. (seconda demonstrandum) This is not a coincidence.

Comment Re:This is cool, but not revolutionary... (Score 1) 397

I worked for a few years on body controllers, usually 4, 8 or 16 MHz/16bit. On the cluster side, I saw for example 28MHz/16 bit (Smart electric with 206x64 dot matrix display). I know from my colleagues in the power train department that they currently use 180MHz/32bit controllers (with cryptographic flash code signatures and stuff). Now I am back to body controllers and it seems that here the industry is moving to 32 bit PowerPC architectures (it even has error detection&correction capabilities). On body controllers, even if the controller can run at 64 or 80 MHz, the controller is clocked at much lower speed (4 ... 8 MHz) for the sake of current consumption.

Comment incorrect size (Score 1) 357

At some time I noticed that a small USB flash reported 8GB instead of 1GB. I only looked at the problem because of some corrupted files (files written into an inexistent adress space). Probably cause: a bad motherboard that died a week later.

Comment Re:Of course we will... (Score 1) 219

From my point of view FR had 4 major issues:
1. bad hardware design, especially with power management and Glamo closed specification chip
2. a not very polished software stack (be that OpenMoko, Qtopia or Android)
3. lack of marketing
4. iPhone
Still, I am a happy owner.

If only we could involve ourselves into hardware design as in software ...

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