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Submission + - Ran out of ipv4 space! Time to break open the last E-class ipv4 range? 4

deckardt writes: Since RIPE announced that is had distributed it's last ipv4 block, you would think we've all ran out of ipv4 addresses. But this could not be further from the truth. RFC3300 mentions another range consisting of about 268 million ipv4 addresses, all listed as "Reserved for Future Use". This 'magic' range is the E-class subnet of What is keeping the ipv4 domain gods from releasing this range? It looks like 240/4 is blocked in a lot of code already. For example in Linux it is impossible to assign an address like (try it and get greeted with a SIOCSIFADDR: Invalid argument). So now I ask you dear slashdot community, is it time to break open that last ~5% of ipv4 space? Now seems like the right time.

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