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Comment Re:Car analogy (Score 1) 145

You can't normally use every drop of gas in the tank as the tank's bottom isn't shaped like a funnel. (standard saddle tanks are 17 gallon or 19 gallon, a 20 gallon tank would be unusual to find)


Then Ford should advertise that the gas tank is 17 gallons lah. My bike is listed as 3.5 liters but when it reaches empty I can pump in 3.7 liters.

Shall I sue Ford for not making a perfectly smooth gas tank that lets me use all of the gas in my tank?

No, but I'll would keep that that in mind for my next car purchase


Comment Re:Think again. . . ."zombies" aren't what you thi (Score 1) 337

Funny you should mention zombies and rabies in an article about a flu pandemic.

John Ringo just published a fictional book about a zombie apocalypse involving a customized rabies virus hiding in a flu stain

Under a Graveyard Sky -

Comment Re:"worked out" (Score 1) 332

So yeah, AMD is a hot mess

Exactly, back in 2006-2009 when manufacturers started coming out with low cost AMD Desktops and laptops, most fried or had to get their coolers replaced (sadly most people could only afford to do this for desktops) after a year. Heck, it was a lot worst in my country where the ambient temp is 35 degrees Celsius and 100 per cent humidity.

Comment Re:Point of information: (Score 3, Insightful) 346

Anyway, considering all the TLC that US has been treating Israel to, you'd think they (Israel) is from sort of protectorate (like Purta Rico) or favorite trading partner.

Hence all the conspiracy theories I'd keep hearing about. Seriously, Illuminati? US Senate are all Jews? What the heck have my country mates been drinking?

Comment Don't let the Law keep ya down (Score 1) 508

Personally, I am pleased that a goverment is pro-actively taking account of new technologies and laying out a road-map.

Until recently, in my country, electric cars were not allowed to being driven on the roads (except on private land), because there was a law requiring each car to have paid road tax. That same law also stated that road tax were calculated based on engine displacement , which is not present on an electric car (duh). As such, until the law was ammended in 2010 (and set to take effect in 2011), the only ECars were golf carts and demo-cars that were ferried on trucks.

Comment Re:Self navigating cargo ships (Score 2) 301

Open water piracy would take a dent as there would be no crew to kidnap, and there would be no incentive for ship owners to follow pirates' demands to reroute ships. After all, if you're going to lose a ship and its cargo either way, then might as well do it by not appeasing pirates.

Dude, methinks ye have not been reading enough sci-fic.

Piracy will still exist, as long the ship or cargo is valuable to someone. Maybe the pirates will involve the services of a hacker or insider. I can imagine boarding a ship to subvert the computer or sending false "storm avoidance orders" and ordering the ship to hangout at a certain port. Many ways to skin a cat, there is.

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