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Comment Re:Yes and no (Score 1) 338

The problem will be that for security systems you're gonna be the "guy that doesn't have a chip" and you will get much more attention that regular people.

Just like we associate drug dealer with someone that would pay a laptop cash for when it's perfectly legal and you could have legitimate reasons to do so.

Comment Re:conspiracy theory (Score 1) 185


mQENBExW0NkBC ADvqmg39Grmq7Yf2WQrbcJdOyHPNg/dmh mVLmXjGtQzdf5GvRMa
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With the crypted Echelon IP I just published, if NSA has a way to decrypt the message and want to track me, Slashdot will be offline in 5, 4, 3...2......1

Comment I got a good one too! (Score 1) 305

Someone plugged an home router into the government office where I was doing consulting. (he wanted a switch to plug a networked printer)

The router started giving 192.168.x.x IP to everyone on the floor, soon including a few servers (including the Lotus Notes one)

Took 3 days for the admins to find out the source of the problem and where the router was... abysmal loss of productivity needless to say I gave them a good speech on not routing 192.168 packets on the network and isolating their networks.

Comment Re:i don't think so (Score 1) 120

Users tend to stay in the same area most of the time so they could cache the user's gmail account that is seen into the specific region. No need to cache foreign accounts locally. No need to cache the entire account, just the last 2-3 days of email... I rarely read my old stuff

You could also cache the most popular youtube videos at the resolution that is used on cell phones (that would save LOTS of bandwidth) thus freeing the available bandwidth for other needs. Don't need to cache everything.

There is a LOT of optimisation to be done without caching the entire internet. I think that if Google is doing it, it's because they calculated their stuff and it's benefical for the money invested.

Comment IT Department budget history (Score 1) 256

It would be interesting to see the evolution of the department's budget in the last few years.

It wouldn't surprise me that they got ride if their best assets and replaced them with cheaper guys with less than the required experience just to "reduce operating cost". They may have saved a few dollars during a year or two doing that but the shit had to spread one day...

Comment Re:Number each spot (Score 1) 863

If you don't know how much time is remaining in the empty spot, you'll get another time slot. That's the way it works in Montreal. Also, you can't add more time to an existing parking. You need to buy a new ticket. 2 hours remaining, want to add an extra hour NOW well, pay for 3.

Comment Re:Color Me Unsuprised (Score 1) 554

Yeah Alberta you're so great. You have oil in your backyard and it gives you lots of money. Turns out we have water in ours. We'll see in 100 years if oil, if any is left and you didn't destroyed completely your environment is of any value. On the other side, you will be welcome to drink my water because we're a united country and even if we whine a lot, we do care of the rest of Canada (well... at leat 51% of its people!)

btw I lived in Calgary half a year for work. I know the place and the people. While I admire some of your traits, others or just as dump as ours.

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