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Comment Re: Torrent (Score 1) 313

Be an adult and try to reason with them. Failing that, go to the courts and try your case there, write letters, editorial and to your government agencies. Get others with your same issues and band together to get more people writing letters and making complaints. It's a business after all. With enough negative publicity they will eventually find it too costly to do business. I have no problem with people that go through the proper channels, just the ones who whine and don;t do anything except expect everyone else to do it for them.

Comment Re: Torrent (Score 1) 313

Such a perfectly American comment here. "I got mine, so fuck you!"

How so? It's a valid argument. It not only applies to gun ranges but any other "nuisance" you care to name. If you knew before hand it was there and you move in anyway then you have no grounds to complain. If it came in after the fact and you didn't let your wishes be known it on you at that point. People have got to start being responsible for their own actions or inaction as well. But where did you get a "I got mine" idea from my original comment. It was more of a "suck it up" comment.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 1) 119

If a company cuts corners on security, then in the same way that if I leave my door unlocked and get burgled, I can't make a claim.

I agree with the second portion of your comment. It's an entirely different matter when it's personal property verses protected information. There is or should be a certain level of security afforded to one's private property regardless of the level of security maintained. Meaning I don't care if the door is wide open it's still wrong to have someone come in and take what isn't theirs. I know that my home-owner's and auto policies have zero stipulations on eh security levels that must be maintained. Where as there is a documented level of security that needs to be in place for the protected information. Look at HIPPA, PCI, SOX, etc. requirements. I think if you don't meet those standards it should be a criminal as well as a civil offence to allow the non-compliance. From a an admin's perspective you better have documented proof of your recommendations and when/why they were shot down or you are just as guilty as the PHB.

Comment Re:Relevent (Score 1) 119

Must have abeen a boy. My 14 year old daughter is in a stage that I can't understand. I guess it could be best described as "I'm an adult and do everything and know everything, but still need to be taken care of" stage. But my 7.5 and 9 year old boys in the "messy guns are everything" stage.

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