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Comment Where's the niche? (Score 1) 169

There is nothing Dell can do, that another company cannot do better, whether it's top end cloud infrastructure, sophisticated software and servcies, top end personal hardware, or low end hardware. Dell no longer has a selling point, and it'll keep going downhell until it finds one.

Comment Novell killed itself with its choices (Score 3, Interesting) 215

Nothing Novell does is special or cost effective any more. Groupwise? Still sucks on the web and on mobile and feels like desktop email from 2000. Netware? Plenty of competition there. Suse? The lizard's cute but can't beat RedHat/CentOS in farms or Ubuntu and others at home. Mono? Regardless of your opinion about dotNET, the sure thing is Mono will always lag behind latest MSFT version and never gain significant production and commercialization. The closer they get with Microsoft, the easier it is for shops that used to run both Novell and MSFT to drop the extra Novell piece and just go with all MSFT. Same old story.

Comment Re:more short term snow = more long term snow (Score 1) 1136

Ground albedo is but one variable in very complex models trying to estimate future climates. The increase in water vapor, therefore greater cloud coverage, could also increase a greenhouse effect in areas and seasons that are not cold enough to snow. So what is the overall net long term effect? It is certainly a difficult, and thankless, scientific field to get into.

Comment Exports (Score 1) 217

For decades USSR exported communism, and US try to export democracy, but we really export capitalism. The offspring is China, a single party empire that knows how to take advantage of capitalism and is more ruthless than anything witnessed in the West. China will run into problems, but mostly it will not be from external pressures, but as a result of trying to bring Western consumer standards to their entire populace. So I supposed we'll still have the last laugh, but I wonder if Google will still be significant by then.

Comment No thanks (Score 1) 181

Why bother with browsers at all then? They might as well come out and say everyone should just ditch free web browsers and just install an Adobe plug-ins or a Silverlight runtime, buy their application servers and IDEs, and code in the language that they dictate instead of more open and continually developing web standards that the majority can agree on. That's what Adobe and MSFT hopes. They still think it's 1999 and they can take over your web experience and tell you what is "Rich Internet Experience" and what is not. The only 2 reason Flash continue to be used are 1) annoying ads, and 2) porn. I still haven't met anyone who thinks an entire site developed in Flash provides an enjoyable experience to users after about 2 minutes besides Flash developers and managers that hired them.

Comment Even Windows developers are tired of IE (Score 1) 280

MSFT doesn't really care except as a backup plan and to check out the competition and see how it can slow it down. Meanwhile MSFT will skip most standards and just implement Silverlight. Relegating the browser to irrelevance and enforcing a proprietary plug-in has always been the biggest threat to open browser standards, and way for MSFT to keep the desktop dominance. MSFT just wanted to make sure that before all Windows shops eventually toe the line on Silverlight, they can still live with apps on IE comparing to other newer browsers.

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