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Submission + - A Word Clock Watch Face for the Round Moto360 Screen (

deander2 writes: For all you "word clock" fans out there (like me) who also have a Moto360 smart watch (or the LG G Watch R), there's now a round word clock watch face.
P.S. It's not a shameless self-plug if it's free, is it?!

Comment so... (Score 5, Insightful) 410

me: "i just created a new 'horoscope by phone' startup, and it's really popular! woohoo!"

at&t: "hey, we've noticed a lot of people are calling your new company. it would be a shame if 20% of your calls were to drop. would you like to pay us to not drop them?"

me: "WTF? your customers are calling me! THEY paid YOU already for their phone service! you can't just threaten me, that's extortion and a violation of the common carrier law!"

at&t: "oh yeah, nevermind. we'll wait until you start a website..."

Comment Re:Why do FOSS library folks hate ABI compatabilit (Score 0) 505

what libraries are you talking about? the kernel has kept binary compatibility with all programs virtually since it's inception. X11, GTK and KDE programs all run with very high levels of binary compatibility. on the rare instances they are changes, (say gtk2 to gtk3) it's a clear cutover and all ditros ship with both so all programs keep running.

what i believe you're referring to are the *internal* kernel ABIs. yes, this is a PITA for people writing drivers for video cards. but come on: that's not what you (nor i, nor 99.44% of the people here) do. more than a decade i've programmed on linux (GUIs, server-side, you name it). it all runs in userspace and code i wrote (and compiled) a decade ago still runs just fine on a modern kernel.

btw, if anyone needs convincing, type xbill into your "ubuntu software center" search bar. THAT program i fricking old. runs like a champ tho!

Comment Re:Wait a minute here... (Score 1, Troll) 174

ohhhh.... you know, good point. i bet those thousands of independent scientists worldwide who've been studying global warming for decades forgot all about deforestation as a possible cause. it's a good thing concerned citizens with awesome gut instincts like yourself are around to show them the way! :)

Comment Re:So much wasted time... (Score 1) 294

well, i do remember gnome 1. it was no panacea.
more like "barely usable" and "ugly as sin".

i agree that they {unity/gnome3} uselessly through away years of good UI engineering work. and i understand the need to move to clutter. but moving to a new framework is tough enough - don't try to re-invent the whole desktop paradigm while you're at it.

but what do i know? i'm sure a 4-digiter will swoop in here and save us from our delusions. =P

Comment Re:Comcast isn't a monopoly everywhere (Score 1) 366

it's because i do trust the free market i want (good / common-sense) regulation. good regulations makes markets more free, not less. this is why we regulate "not throwing a brick through your competitor's storefront".

likewise, how robust do you think the air-conditioning equipment market would be if you're electric company was free to cap your Carrier-brand AC compressor's electricity usage but leave cap-free their own home-brand compressor? (like how netflix usage is included in your data cap but at&t's u-verse movie streaming is cap-free...)

Comment packt isn't much more than a vanity press (Score 1) 53

one of their recruiters approached me last year to write a book on numpy. which was curious to me since while i've used it (and posted some very minor public code using it), i'm not a contributor, nor involved in the community in any way.

some googling led to some fairly consistent stories:
very little editing work
very low sales (rep told me 1000 copies would be considered successful for a sequel)
don't expect more than your initial front (~$3500, which isn't even a front; they pay it out over the different chapters you submit)
if they can they get multiple authors writing in the same category at the same time (which means you're basically competing against your own publisher)

needless to say: didn't want to sign my name to anything like that...

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