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Comment Re:Shitty refund policy (Score 1) 129

I was the third owner of a BMW. First owner paid about $50,000 and drove 24,000 miles in two years. He sold it for $25,000 to the second owner, who drove 28,000 miles in two more years and sold it for $15,000 to me. I drove it 8 more years and sold it for $1800 with 240,000 miles on the clock. I would have got more except the tranny was beat and it had to get towed away. So....looks like the first owner got boned hard - real hard!

Comment Re: Cost? (Score 1) 351

Jeebus on a moped! I used to sell generators. No one *ever* started out with a cost per hour. It was how many kW do you need and how much will that cost? We might then have moved into estimated cost per hour based on fuel used and expected lifespan of the equipment. In the end a power company will buy the power from your generator and you will sell it as a cost per watt/kW/mW per hour, but the very first thing you need to do is know how much power you need to produce to know what kind of plant you need to buy, and THEN you start working the kW/hr costs. Hydro might be cheap, but you won' be looking at it in a desert and solar is kind of pointless someplace it always rains.

Comment Re:The Pen vs the Sword ... (Score 0) 305

The 18th or 19th century version of the UK would have killed Ghandi and any number of his followers without a second thought. See "Sepoy Rebellion". They knew how to take care of business back then. The UK Ghandi was dealing with was a spent force,. They had no more balls to do anything and he knew it.

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