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Comment old editors/developer code (Score 1) 261

sonic the hedgehog #1 for sega genesis. stage select- in the sound fx option press sounds 19,65,9,17. hear a bell, hold select when u press start. should bring you to level select. using the sound fx in the level select, press 1,9,9,2,1,1,2,4. should hear another bell. hold select and press start to choose the level. you should be able to move to anywhere in the board as well as placing enemies and objects anywhere you feel like it. as far as i know it only works on the sega genesis version. if anyone still has this game

Comment the purpose of this post? (Score 1) 63

this is basically a list of summer blockbuster garbage. /.,of all sites should realize that you not talking to the average person, and nobody will be impressed with a list of shit no matter how long it is. i own a wi and a ps3 and i think MGS will be the only thing i buy this month....honorable mention to sid meyer and revolution coming out, as well as the long awaited alone in the dark, so, i really dont think this months gaming releases deserved its own posting on /. get your heads out of your asses guys!!

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