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Comment CDRws (Score 1) 505

Yes CDRs were a bit costly and CDRWs were costlier but back in 1999 I started using CDRWs to carry my data between my desktop and school. Floppies were still being used but somehow 1.44 MB was way too small to carry my mp3s even back in 1999.

Comment Re:does the 4th amendment apply? (Score 1) 1590

The Bill of Rights and more importantly the constitution applies to any one on US soil with very few exceptions like right to vote or hold federal elected office/jobs. The problem with the AZ law is, in reality, there is no way to implement it without profiling some one. Also, if you are a hispanic american how do you prove that you are a citizen? do you carry your passport or birth certificate all the time?

Comment Not true (Score 1) 1590

Actually the federal law does not make it a felony not to carry documentation all the time. Its not possible to carry documentation all the time. Its not just one document you know. For people with greencards, maybe but not others. There are plenty of ways you can prove that you are here legally without carrying 2 to 3 different pieces(Passport, I-797 or I-20, I-94) of document that are required to prove that you are legal. Lose those documents you have to wait 2-3 monts and spend $$$s trying to get duplicates. You cannot get driver's license in any state without proving to DMV that you are here illegally. Also, are the local LEOs going to check with federal databases if the paperwork that someone gives them is authentic or not? I understand why this law was enacted but its impractical to work the way its supposed to.
As a legal immigrant, I have spent years on F-1 and H-1B and more years just waiting on my greencard, I don't mind that I have to prove that I am here legally when needed but to ask me carry documentation all the time is at best debasing. Also, there are more people legally than illegally. What baffles me is why the businesses that employ illegals are dealt with stronger?
Will get off my soap box now.

Comment Move to a higher order port and use denyhosts (Score 3, Informative) 497

I use one or more of these on my public facing servers.
1. Move the default ssh port to a higher order port (5000+)
2. Use Denyhosts to block repeated attempts
3. use key exchange instead of username/password
4. use network based IPS.
Just moving the ssh port reduced the ssh brute force attack for me. Either stop being a noob or hire a sys admin.

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