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Comment Re:Are there any available for free? (Score 1) 76

Been there, done that: ...and technically (regulation wise), I'd support any software aiming or proclaiming to treat or cure should have some scrutiny applied as a "medical device". Unchecked, it's only a matter of time before the penis/breast enlargement industry figures out a way to hop on the software-based-medicine bandwagon.

Comment Re: "[x] Post Anonymously" -- use sparingly (Score 3, Funny) 294

Uh... come on folks, this is /. after all. When you [x] Post Anonymously, it's anonymous. Basically, when you click that anonymous button, it does a reverse traceroute and auto-roots every server and network device you've traveled across to get here. From there, it modifies server and device logs to substitutes your IP with the IP of [famous coffee shop] farthest from your actual location. Only post anonymously when you're absolutely sure you need to. ;)

Comment Re:"Biofeedback" software (Score 1) 130

... and I suppose the FDA potentially could have been challenged and/or lobbied to have better testing & controls around things like this by the insurance industry (who pay for the treatments). Increased regulation typically comes re-actively from our government as a result of people screwing up, or getting screwed.

Comment Re:It's no longer your problem (Score 1) 480

Same thoughts here. I routinely contract developers to bring my ideas to life. I pay them for this. The code is not the developers, and neither is the credit (unless I agree, as others suggest through providing a letter of reference of some sort). There would be no misunderstanding of "original author" or copyright holder. Neither developer owns the copyright to the works I commission you for. Of course you could say you worked on the code for project X, and you should be able to demonstrate through contacts, SOW, payments, etc. that you did.

Comment PROXY? (Score 1) 367

I'm pretty sure with billions involved, the Amish will think of something. After all, somehow they got themselves hooked into that electric Amish heater infomercial. I mean, that's all kinds of amish-wrong.

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