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Journal Journal: Refactoring

I dread the thought of having to re-factor javascript for performance.

Journal Journal: Touchscreens

I think that touch technology is absolutely useless outside of a kiosk. Desktops or laptops are fine with keyboards.

Journal Journal: Configuration

Just missed an entire configuration section. It must be Tuesday.

Journal Journal: Languages

Does the programming language of choice help influence the types of abstractions made?

Journal Journal: Electronic reading

Regarding the recent slashdot poll, I don't think there will ever be a suitable electronic substitute for paper books.

Comment Installation (Score 1) 891

I haven't actually dumped an open source application in favour of a proprietary alternative because it was difficult to install. I could, however, completely understand why some users after attempting to install and configure open source applications would make the move. The installation and initial configuration experience is the first impression and is important to get right. It is the first impression the software gives as to how good/usable/stable it really is. How can you get feedback regarding other aspects of the software if they can't get past step one?

Journal Journal: Using virt-top for virtual machine stats

The virt-top command line utility proves quite useful for monitoring virtual machine load. For any kind of automated task that should take place as a result of this load, the same data can be retrieved via libvirt as that is what virt-top uses.

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