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Comment Increased School Use (Score 3, Interesting) 139

I've already started seeing the increase in Chromebook usage in schools. I work for an educational supplements company as lead on a digital textbook platform. This time last year we had a lot of questions about iPads but nothing about chromebooks. Now, this week alone, I've talked to two teachers who said they were getting full sets of chromebooks for their students and wanted to make sure our software would work with them. Faster processors and cheaper prices is just going to keep increasing their hold on the market. Schools are going to take the cheaper route given two similar options, so I'm not surprised to see them going with these instead of iPads.

Comment Horrible Idea (Score 1) 325

So now we're making a readily available concealing device that doesn't set-off metal detectors. I can guarantee that if they can't see what's in your underwear with the scanner then it will throw up red flags and they'll see what is in your underwear themselves. All this does is add an extra step and frustrate TSA agents.

Comment New Rule for posting about border crossings (Score 1) 299

If you're going to bitch about what you think it is fair or not fair for a border patrol officer to do post the number of times you've crossed the border in question, or any international border. My number, at least 30 crossings each way in the last year, of the exact border in contention, the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron. I'd be willing to bet that 90% of you who are posting about how out of line the guards were or all of your ramblings about how things should and should not be handled have never even seen another country. The Blue Water Bridge is one of, if not the most, important land crossings for international trade. Two major interstate highways end here, meaning that any trucks going from the midwest into canada go through here. After 9/11, this bridge and surrounding area was considered one of the highest threat areas in the US due to the crippling effect it would have on international trade. Ok, all of that being said, the officers were probably in the wrong. They over-reacted to what seems like a misunderstanding of a situation. Personally, I would rather they over-react then under-react and end up having something catastrophic happen. That's the way they have to think, yes it sucks but it is the world we have come to live in. If somebody stops listening to the directions they are given and exits their vehicle the guard's only choice is to assume that the worst could happen. In hindsight they should have handled it much differently, and there are ways to restrain someone without threatening or injuring them. In conclusion, Judge Adair made the right call for the sentencing. A $1600 fine shows that yes, Watts was at fault but not to the extent that the bridge officials were trying to state. To Watt's, I'm sorry your trip to Port Huron was not a favorable one, we really aren't that bad of a town.

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