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Comment Re:3, 2, 1 (Score 2) 203

But if Oracle require special performance tuning which none of the other databases does, then it does suck in 90+ percent of all usecases for sql servers(That is: The usecases where there is no fulltime person hired just to tune the database).

This is very true. I work on many different projects and move from company to company setting up web applications, usually for in-house use - well, after I'm finished, I don't have time to constantly come back and re-tune the database, nor would the company want me to do that and keep paying for an application that is essentially "completed". Also, hiring a full-time database tuner would be ridiculous for all of the cases I've been involved in (monetarily crazy and otherwise). Some places using MySQL for my application is more than enough, however, when its not, I setup PostgreSQL. It only requires a little more design time on my part and the results and great.

Comment Re:bad timing (Score 1) 391

I just walked out of a mountain wilderness. So no code for me...

I've whipped out my jailbroken phone, gone into terminal mode and then SSH'd into a computer on my internal network through my router to work on some functionality for a project while on a Camping Trip before. Unless you have no signal - you have no excuses.. and you must, since you just posted on Slashdot! Damn your eyes!


Submission + - US Internet Censorship Legislation Steps Up (wired.com)

deadbeatsaint writes: "Now being referred to as the "Son of the COICA" bill, and officially as as the PROTECT IP Act (based off of Senate Bill S.3804), this legislation adds a new proposal that Search Engines be required to block access to sites. This would be alongside credit card companies, ad-networks and ISPs. This Act would move the United States one step closer toward a level of Internet censorship, such as the one China currently enjoys."

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