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Comment Re:Redundant (Score 2) 141

Hehe, I bought about $4.00 worth of capacitors from Mouser.com once and they mailed me at least 8 different 1.5" thick catalogs in the post for the next several years trying to get me to buy more. My TV only broke once. I don't NEED more. At least in the case of the emails all that was wasted are a few electrons. ;)

The truth of the matter is that for a small business like that, curating the list takes time. Just letting the script run automatically once a week does not.

Comment Re:Wastefulness (Score 1) 79

Ignore the AC who replied to you. Every iphone I've owned has had to have the charging port replaced before the phone was retired due to charging issues and I never tripped over the cord. Teeny tiny mechanical ports just suck. Add in the pocket lint, peppermint fragments, dirt, and all the other random shit that is in your pocket getting pushed into the port and it's a wonder they last as long as they do!

Those who have never used wireless charging just won't get it until they try it for a while. I just need to find a good, inexpensive Qi car charging mount and I'm all set.

Comment Re:That's a bold move, cotton. (Score 1) 143

It doesn't have to be wireless only. My wife's Galaxy S6 supports Qi wireless or micro usb. Plug in or set it down. User's choice.

There will still be a lightning connector or equivalent on the new iPhone just like there is now. You will still need usb connectivity. On a side note, I added Qi charging to my iPhone 6 with a $15 case that has a lightning port plug on the bottom and a coil and magnet embedded in the back.

I LOVE being able to plop my phone down on my desk charger, bringing up my podcast player and hitting play. The BT speakers have already connected and charging is a done deal. When I leave I just grab it and go. Awesome. The downside to the route I went is exactly your point. It's a pain to unplug my case to plug in a battery pack. Having wireless charging built in would solve this particular first world problem.

Comment My Faves (Score 2) 268

Well, I quit listening to radio ages ago, and have moved on to the following podcasts for my daily commute and listening throughout the day:

Stuff You Should Know
99% invisible
Aks Me Another
Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Hardcore History also with Dan Carlin
Judge John Hodgman
Stuff They Don't Want You to Kow
You Are Not So Smart
Good Job, Brain
Hidden Brain
Surprisingly Awesome
The Sporkful
Stuff You Missed in History Class

Podcasts to me are like a DVR for my radio. I can listen when and where I want and pause when I need to divert my attention elsewhere without missing anything.

Comment Re:Would they believe (Score 1) 348

I still HAVE my 300 baud C-64 modem. Still have he C-128, with dual 1571's, the light pen, koala pad, and exactly 2 working games. Lode Runner and Choplifter. Those were the two I had on cartridge. ALL the floppies were wiped by a lightning strike near the house. Computers were so much more fun back then....

Comment Re: get rid of monthly fees (Score 1) 50

I already got that feature about a month ago, and it is AWESOME! I hit channel up, and the entire commercial break is gone. The only caveat is that you have to wait at least a minute or so after the program has ended for the skip icon to appear in the list, showing that you can use the skip feature. You also cannot catch up to a live recording with the auto-commercial skip. Some channels do not get the feature at all, but they have been adding stations regularly. A "Special News Report" that interrupts a show sometimes breaks the auto-skip.

All that being said, most of what I watch has autoskip available, and it has really been bulletproof. It's the feature I have been wanting for 15 years, starting when I bought my first tivo, and they got it dead right.

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