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Comment Re: get rid of monthly fees (Score 1) 50

I already got that feature about a month ago, and it is AWESOME! I hit channel up, and the entire commercial break is gone. The only caveat is that you have to wait at least a minute or so after the program has ended for the skip icon to appear in the list, showing that you can use the skip feature. You also cannot catch up to a live recording with the auto-commercial skip. Some channels do not get the feature at all, but they have been adding stations regularly. A "Special News Report" that interrupts a show sometimes breaks the auto-skip.

All that being said, most of what I watch has autoskip available, and it has really been bulletproof. It's the feature I have been wanting for 15 years, starting when I bought my first tivo, and they got it dead right.

Comment Re:All Robocalls should be illegal (Score 1) 108

I have a call blocker installed at home, and it is awesome. When someone calls from a blocked number or a "Private" or "No Info" number, my house phones never even ring.

The only problem is that it commonly blocks known good callers if the phone company doesn't display the caller ID info fast enough. It keeps me from calling the house from my cell on a fairly regular basis. No bid deal, just redial. I have had complaints from several family members that it keeps dropping their calls, but that is a small price to pay to be able to watch an entire movie without someone interrupting me to try and sell me something via cold call.

Comment Re:Time to abandon normal phones? (Score 2) 217

Mine is whitelist capable, but that's too restrictive for me. I don't know what number my pharmacy will be calling from to confirm a prescription and I don't want to maintain that growing list of numbers. During the last election cycle I got 1-2 calls a night for about 2 days. By then all the major call centers had been blocked and I stopped getting harassed by pollsters and politicians. I even have a few entire prefixes blocked out due to high spam calls coming from that area code. My only complaint is that it is too easy to accidentally add a good number to the blacklist. I've added myself a couple of times. Easy enough to fix, though.

Comment Re:Time to abandon normal phones? (Score 1) 217

Get one of these:


The only downside is that if you enable blocking of no caller ID, Unknown, 000-000-0000, etc, it will block legit calls if the caller ID doesn't show up fast enough. I LOVE mine. I was getting 2-3 calls per night with 5ish more per day on the machine. This stopped them. All of them. If one gets through, I push the big red button and it hangs up and adds them to the block list.

Comment Re:What's next? (Score 2) 292

Chapter breaks allow for a reader to be able to step away from the novel knowing they haven't left a cliffhanger on the next page. Think of it like a scene change in a movie. I can't stand just picking some random place to stop reading a book because I have to go. If I decide to quit reading in the middle of a chapter, I check to see how much is left. If it is just a page or two more, I'll finish the chapter.

Paragraph breaks let my brain codify smaller chunks of data for parsing more efficiently than long run-on paragraphs. It just works better.

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