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Comment Re:What exactly is this channel? (Score 1) 113

Probably not. Funimation puts lots of their stuff on different outlets (Netflix,Youtube, Hulu, etc.), but I usually notice that the things other sites are a subset of what they have on their own site.
For the shows Funimation doesn't license, Crunchyroll has a good selection in the states (and actually has some stuff for Europeans to watch). Seeing as you probably already watched most of the (worthwhile) Funimation shows, CR will probably keep you busy for a while, if you don't mind that it's subbed.

Comment Re:I love the SimCity series (Score 4, Insightful) 386

If you must play this game(and you don't) please pirate it. Please.

I never like it when people suggest pirating software as a form of protest, if you think the DRM is too intrusive, don't buy the game at all. For the bad car analogy, Let's say you don't like On-Star because you think its too intrusive. You see a car you like, but it only comes with On-Star. So to protest On-Star you steal a car. That's not protesting it's an excuse to steal.

If you must play the game, buy it, feel guilty about not sticking to your morals, then attempt to forgive yourself by donating to the EFF or something.

Social Networks

Obama Finally Beats Bieber Fever According To Klout 67

Thanks to a change in the way their algorithm works, Klout says that President Obama is finally more influential the Justin Bieber. The company now examines more "real world" factors such as the information in your LinkedIn profile and data from Wikipedia entries. From the article: "The overhaul, which began in January, was part of the company's effort to address critics who pointed to Bieber as a prime example of why quantifying online influence was, at best, irrelevant. The teenage pop singer, with his army of 26 million Twitter followers who retweet his every word, had a Klout score that dwarfed that of the U.S. president."

Comment Re:Android (Score 1) 447

I have to disagree. First, people who buys Nokia are not necessarily the same people who buy Android phones. Additionally, 'anyone' can make a (high end) android phone, so there's quite a bit of competition. From the developer's perspective, Android has the advantage of it being a pre-existing OS where most of the hard work is done already, but Nokia doesn't really need something like that. They already have the windows mobile OS and Symbian. Switching again would mean retraining everyone how to develop for Android. So if Nokia switched to android, they'dhave to learn about the new (but similar) market,they'd have more competition, and there competition will be better acquainted with the technology. Overall, Although switching once was bad, switching again would be even worse.

Comment Why is it always a medical tricorder? (Score 1) 185

Correct me if 'm horribly wrong, but in Star trek, even though tricorders are multipurpose sensors, there are different types of them. Like engineering tricorders or just regular tricorders. Every story I see that says tricorders seems to only refer to medical tricorders. But really, if I was given a tricorder, I'd use it for determining the spectrum usage, what kind of radiation is around me, interfacing with computers, etc...

Comment Why don't we fix SOPA for them? (Score 1) 267

I know most people here could find a bazillion problems with SOPA, but in order to prevent a repeat of the bill, shouldn't we find a way to reduce piracy online that doesn't destroy the internet and/or or freedoms? That way only the people benefiting from counterfeit goods/blatant copyright infringement are negatively impacted, which I think most people can agree to a certain degree, probably needed to be cracked down on anyways. I don't think the RIAA/MPAA deliberately wants to destroy our freedoms, they just don't want to have people profiting from their work.

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