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Submission + - Oracle v. Google: All-Out War or Awkward Flirting?

msmoriarty writes: It's about 24 hours after the news of Oracle suing Google broke, so the Web is now filled with follow-up coverage: Google responded by calling the lawsuit "baseless" and vowing to fight; James Gosling, who left Oracle earlier this year, hinted on his blog that he saw this coming; and it seems that everyone (except Simon Phipps) is commenting on everything from what might happen with the lawsuit to what this might mean for the future of Java as a whole, as well as how it could help Microsoft. So is the lawsuit an all-out attack on open source software? Or is Oracle, as a Forbes blogger put it, just an awkward teenager who doesn't quite know how to flirt with Google?

Comment Re:Does anyone care? (Score 0) 220

It's flexible, powerful, and easy to extend. 84,296 modules are freely available from the CPAN (at least when I checked; the upload rate is staggering). It has an immense culture of quality and testing. It's amazingly portable. It scales from the freshest novice writing baby Perl to large-scale applications which must not fail, written by experienced professionals. It's malleable; you can program in a compiler-checked subset of the language or express yourself in the most clear or (if you don't care about maintainability) the most expressive, creative way possible.

It has amazing libraries for network access and databases. It sets the standard for text processing. It's been an integral part of usable Unix installations for years. You can find it just about everywhere, and you can do just about anything with it.

Hey, what the hell, man? Wasn't, like, everyone bashing Perl? Just kidding, of course. My limited experience with Perl is "Wow, seriously? That easy?" after hours of gazing at code and docs.

Comment Re:China controlling even this? (Score 0) 722

Is Beijing controlling even this aspect of the Olympics? I thought censoring of free speech and the media was the only thing they were censoring!

This has nothing to do with the Olympics being held in Beijing. The Code of Points has been revised in 2006 and has been already used at the European Championships recently.

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