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Comment Re:Keyboard? (Score 1) 396

On the PC, you have options like the Logitech G13 for maximum customization. That might be overkill for some cases, yes, but it does offset the drawbacks of a standard keyboard whose purpose is to type in and navigate through text.

Also, I use a G700 mouse and it has enough keys for most games. Say, I can easily set one of the buttons to "End Turn" and never touch the keyboard. For Paradox games I set the forward-back buttons to speed control and the couple above them to Pause/Play and Esc (to close windows). I rarely ever touch any other key on the keyboard than Return. For DotA, I set one key to space (focus on hero), two for quick buy and "list buy" and one for "get courier". I only use the keyboard for skills and the occasional B (open store). Not enough buttons? There's the Razer Naga and its Hex version, but that's too much for my taste.

The keyword here is "option". For some reason I'm very bad at using my middle fingers (L2-R2 on PS) while concentrated on coordinating thumb and index fingers, so I'm never very proficient at FIFA. Yes, it's not a matter of life and death, but I'm sad that my lack of skill is due to a physical disagreement with the controller's shape. Oddly, I never have this problem with the mouse, even though it's the same fingers.

Comment Re:No PC yet (Score 1) 396

Of course you don't need to play a game. I'm just saying that the game does have a story, mostly as a reply to your "have fun enjoying the story in EU" (never meant to imply you aren't interested in history, sorry if I did. I was referring to the general audience there). I mostly enjoy the European history even though I'm no history geek, and I definitely enjoy it when it's packaged together with good gameplay.

Also that part about school doesn't really apply to me - might matter a lot when it comes to enjoying learning about it, I'm Turkish and my history classes sucked so bad. Full of nationalist, ancestor-glorifying piss.

As I said, I have nothing against the GTA part. I have to note though, IV was much worse compared to SA in terms of gameplay depth.

They're not a unit type, instead a national idea for Sweden (cavalry cost -some%). Although I guess that's pretty badass, they've blobbed Scandinavia and now roflstomping through Novgorod :) glad I'm the Netherlands in this one.

Comment Re:No PC yet (Score 2) 396

Not that I disagree with you - the comparison is definitely invalid, but I found that I can actually enjoy the story in EU by having Wikipedia handy and reading about thousands of different events in the history of Europe and the world in general (and Crusader Kings is even better at this). This comes from a person who has repeatedly failed history classes in his past.

History has no plot holes that are easily realized to much disappointment, only some unknowns and Paradox is a master at imagining them at a very entertaining/awesome (as in awe-inspiring) way. Every now and then I find some event that wasn't represented very well in the games but well, who cares? The story is out there if I want to read and learn about it, and the game is here for me to play the way I want it.

Go watch Vikings or Pillars of the Earth and then play CK2 and it's DLC The Old Gods. It has the best. story. ever. Hell, you have no interest in real history? Watch Game of Thrones and play it in CK2. Or go ahead and play Oblivion & Skyrim alongside CK2 with this mod.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation whatsoever with Paradox or the mods or that wiki. I'm just slightly(?) passionate about the games.

On a slightly related note, I've found EU4 to be incredibly shallow, almost arcade-ified compared to CK2 bar the trade system (haven't really mastered it yet, don't want to judge too early). I'm sad now :( but DLCs ahoy, I guess.

Comment Re:How oddly reminiscent (Score 3, Insightful) 112

I was actually referring to how stories of artificial price inflation began showing up some months after the said incident.

But I'll go by your logic now. It's electronics (and PC components), it's in the SE Asia region, it's an unforeseen incident causing a price hike. I see a 100% correlation here.

Submission + - Practical mathematics for programmers? 1

Dimwit writes: The best part about programming is that I can decide that I want a new text editor or a new video game or a new multiprotocol router, and I can write it, and when I'm done, I have a new text editor or video game or multiprotocol router. Mathematics has never been that way for me — I never sit and think "I sure would like to find the area under a curve!" and then come up with a way to do it. So what's a good path for the practical programmer to take towards mathematics? One with goals and problems to solve that aren't the same old boring word problems?

Comment Re:Sounds reasonable to me. (Score 3, Interesting) 573

I don't think the ToS is against servers, it's simply against using that connection for business purposes. So if this particular dude wasn't making money off these servers (not as in bitcoin mining, as in selling server time/space & bandwidth), which he wasn't, there should be nothing against him running home servers to communicate with friends & family.

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