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Comment Re:Slashdotted (Score 1) 113

Well, we did not server upgrade, we did just a layout change :-) and FYI it was planned since 3 months ago that the change would happen at the same time the keynote was taking place in NYC so that there would be a before and an after the talk. If we got Slashdotted is a happy coincidence, but our server is ready to take Slashdot once a day if needed (we do pay for a pretty reliable server). Also as a side note, we registered over 20Gb of page traffic during the weekend, which is about 4 times the normal amount. I guess it is the added factor of the new boards, Slashdot, and so on ... however our server was never over 50% capacity and the downtime for the layout's update brought a total downtime of 35 minutes. We learned the hard way, since we were Slashdotted a year ago and then we had a serious problem :-)

Comment Re:Arduino EAGLE/Gerber files and name are NOT fre (Score 1) 122

This is David Cuartielles from the Arduino project ... SuperBanana, next time please read before you make any remarks and false statements.

Phil made a clear point with his reply, but if you feel like you need to confirm anything regarding Arduino: for all the files with the boards for all the disclaimers and information on licenses, use of the board, etc

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