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Comment Re:Oh, come on... (Score 1) 410

But he died before the movie was finished. Reading about Adams's work habits, I'm inclined to believe that there would've been significant tinkering up to and during actual filming. People were probably too respectful of his death to change anything about the movie once he died. The movie felt like something that was almost, but not quite there.

Comment Re:More Bets against the American Worker (Score 3, Interesting) 817

Two things:
Yes, housing prices have corrected themselves. The fact that 50% of mortgages are upside down is irrelevant. Those mortgages were taken out then housing prices were seriously inflated, so when the price of the house goes down to a sane level, I'd expect the mortgages to be upside down.

When Bush threw money at the Fed, the Dems bitched. When Obama threw money at the Fed, the Repubs bitched. No one really cares about the country anymore. It's all about getting your guy on top and the other guy knocked down.

Screw that.

Actually a third: "Grow the economy" does not mean "buy more shit". Buying more shit is what put us in this mess. I fail to see how doing more of the same will get us out of it. We need to be focusing on paying down our debts and being fiscally responsible with the money that is coming in.

Comment Re:Wrong way (Score 1) 342

Exactly. The "legions" of XKCD fans who would willfully troll /b/ is insignificant to the honest number of Twilight fans out there. Considering the book has sold over 1 million copies, was 16% of all books sold in the first quarter of this year, and the movie has taken in close to $400 million worldwide /b/ would not know what hit them. /b/ thinks they are random, disturbing, and whimsical. They have yet to meet the tweens.

Comment Re:Being an asshole makes people angry, film at 11 (Score 1) 895

So, if the 'correct' way to play is a nebulous concept that every single player gets to define for themselves, then he was playing just as correctly as anyone else and the people complaining about him are still whiners.

Either way you look at, he was performing actions that are allowed and encouraged by the server rules just like everyone else. However, a bunch of players decided that he wasn't 'playing correctly' and decided to try and 'correct' him. They were trying to force him to play their way because it was 'correct'.

Comment Re:Apple's fascination with single button mice (Score 2, Interesting) 806

"And the method of right-clicking on a laptop touchpad (two-finger click) is simple and intuitive"

If by simple and intuitive, you mean "in the case where you learned the behavior repeatedly and are now intimately familiar with it", then yes. But for about two or three months after I started using a MacBook, I didn't know about it. I just used Ctrl-Click for right clicking.

And to be completely honest, I have found that I'm searching out more keyboard shortcuts because using the touchpad is an overall pain.

Comment Re:Remains unbelievable (Score 1) 1306

Evolution directly challenges most religions' central tenant: That we are uniquely special creatures created in the image of a divine being.

If we are descendant from a common ancestor then this form is just as likely as any other and therefore, not divinely originated. Some people really like the idea of some cosmological being thinking they are really special.

Comment Re:What do you expect (Score 1) 1306

Tad hypocritical. Why not claim the same for GW? That he was smart enough to pretend to believe. As to the veracity of anyone's words, we only have their actions to judge them by.

Seeing as how Obama has voluntarily attended church before any claims to running for President, I'd have to say that he is not pretending to believe, but actually does. Which makes his statement just as eerie as GW's.

And that's my biggest problem with politics today. Fuck all the problems of our nation and bankrupting our future to reward idiots for making tons of bad loans, as long as our guy is on top. When the first $700bn stimulus package was being dropped (with no oversight or repercussions for Paulson regardless what he did with it), everyone claimed it was a necessary pill we had to swallow. That it would jump start the plunging economy. Blah blah blah. When Obama took office and dropped another $780bn package, all of a sudden the Republicans start having issues with printing money willy-nilly and rewarding bad behavior.
Everything is ok as long as our guy does it. If your guy does the same thing, it is wrong, immoral, and UnAmerican.

Which is also a funny word, because according to the GOP, they are the only true Americans. When GW was president, criticizing the actions of the president (especially during a crisis) was UnAmerican. Now, criticizing the actions of the president is a wholly American institution and necessary to point out just how UnAmerican the president is acting.

Of course, the Obama brigade is no better. Apparently, this guy can do no wrong. Forcing us to pay another $780bn to retards is change? The even worse proposal for some sort of required civil service for high school students (sketchy on details, it's been a while since I looked it through). Even the things that he does that are blatantly wrong for us, the brigade accepts as if they thought it was right all along.

It's why I voted Nader, because we need at least a second political party in the U.S. again. I'm not sure if Nader will be capable of running in 2012 as he will be 78/79, but I hope that there will be someone who can provide the same sort of discourse as Nader has.

Comment Re:First post (Score 5, Insightful) 489

Hilarious... ly backwards.

Especially since in Dr. Manhattan's case, no one is capable of understanding his point of view. The man just decides to appear on Mars and then wills into existence a huge glass fortress. The level of power necessary to bend time and space to your will like that is staggering.

While, all Rorschach does is complain how he is the only one capable of seeing things as they are and bitching about the state of the world.

Watchmen is interesting because each character represents a facet of human nature.

Comment Faithful representation of source material (Score 2, Insightful) 489

Ultimately, Watchmen was a faithful representation of the source material. You can read the book and base your opinion of whether or not you will enjoy the movie on your opinion of the book.

I found that the actors portraying Nite Owl II, Rorschach, and Dr. Manhattan were excellent in their roles. There were so many little atmospheric touches, I missed them all (looking through the credits, you'll see acknowledgments and thanks for use of clips from various shows and movies, I didn't see half of those in the movie itself).

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