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Comment the Market (Score 1) 355

Sometimes the market doesn't get a choice. I remember when we went to see Bloodrayne; I still remember parts (such as the absurdly short "sex" scene) being hilarious in a MST3K sort of way. But our "votes" (tickets) never counted because of the way the theater we went to was operated. On the dates Bloodrayne was showing so was Broke Back Mountain, so for whatever reason (lower royalties/personal preference of ticket stand operators/ etc.) the ticket sellers only gave out BBM tickets reguardless of what was requested. The ushers were familiar with the situation so there was no problem actually going to the movie we intended to see, but I've always felt bad that the royalties were mis allocated. We've switched to buying tickets from those computer terminals to avoid such problems in the future.
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Submission + - Why Gnu-Linux will soon be THE gaming OS.

dcrockerjr writes: After graphics and sound rendering what is the biggest gaming processor hog: AI & path finding. Enter Nvidia's announcement that their graphics cards can be used as an extra processor when not used for graphics. Consider that Gnu-Linux is already used in high end multi-processor supercomputers and blades, and has a lead over windows in making use of extra processors. Add a motherboard manufacturer thats willing to put around 7 graphics card slots on a board. Now add an open source project for AI & path finding acceleration as a GPLv3 alternative to CUDA. Hence: Gnu-Linux THE gaming OS. Nvidia may also find themselves in competition with creative for audio acceleration. In the other corner, as rig prices rise, IBM or Sun could partner with AMD to bring low end blades to gamers. Imagine games like Starcraft with no unit limit... less scripted more responsive games... Links:;99052718 6;fp;16;fpid;0

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