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Comment Doom 3 still looks pretty damn good (Score 2) 210

I fired up Doom3 on my current rig recently and was pretty damn impressed with how good it looked for a game released 7 years ago. It honestly looks pretty good next to modern games. Widescreen wasn't supported out of the box, but wasn't too hard to set up.

I think when it was launched no one was really able to play it on highest graphical setting due to video cards not having enough video ram. My R9700 pro only had 128mb, I think D3 needed 512mb?

Comment I trust my bank (Score 1) 150

As an Australian and a client of the Commonwealth Bank I'd say this article had me a little bit surprised. No one I know (even the technically savvy) would trust any online service such as PayPal, Neteller, Moneybookers or what have you more than one of our big banks.

My netbanking experience is great, I can pay bills, even traffic fines on the net instantly. Transferring funds domestically is also a breeze. The ability to transfer funds between savings and everyday accounts instantly is handy too.

The only is issue I have when visiting a CBA branch is that they always ask me to rate their service. Apparently anything below an 8/10 counts as a 0, which is rubbish. I'm never going to give a 10, unless they give me free money, and they certainly ruled out me giving them a 9/10 by asking such an annoying question.

That being said, I don't owe my bank anything. I don't have any loans that might cause me to be part of the many who are disgruntled by interest rate rises. When you think about it, this free service I get (at least while I'm a student) is fairly amazing. Free storage and growth of money, free electronic transactions, free cards that let me spend money remotely in person or via the internet! Amazing!

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