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Journal Journal: Overrated/Underrated Shite 1

In recent weeks I have been more and more annoyed with the use and abuse of the "overrated" moderation choice. I know many others have complained about this before, and I am going to continue the rant here.

I have seen many posts recently that get modded up to a 4 or 5 level and start what is often an interesting discussion containing 10 or 20 follow-up posts. This is fine and dandy, then perhaps a day or two later when no one is activly reading that story.... someone goes in and slaps an overrated onto it... knocking it down. Now if this were to occur while people were activly commenting on the story, it would likely get reversed by additional positive moderation. But, since it is happening later than that.... there is little recourse. Of course to top it off tere is no ability in meta-moderation to do anything about this practice. This lets abusers run rampant. I know of people who consistantly have moderators search for their last 5 posts and simply mod each one down as overrated. This is simply terrible and it is a shame nothing is being done to curtail this practice.

Bottom line is that this hurts readers looking through old posts for information when good discussions get modded down (perhaps below their threshold) bye jackasses.

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