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Comment Re:Could be a good thing. (Score 1) 303

This. I have no mod points today, or I would mod you up.

(I work for TWC in video deployment, and had a ringside seat for the CBS fiasco, as well as every time the providers come back to us insisting to jack their rates. I spend every New Year's with my finger hovering over the "blackout" button while the two sides lawyer it up and fight it out to the last second).

Submission + - Comcast Acquiring Time Warner Cable In All-Stock Deal Worth $45 Billion 1

An anonymous reader writes: Comcast has agreed to buy Time Warner Cable for $45 billion in stock, in a deal that would combine the nation's two biggest cable operators, according to people familiar with the situation. The boards of both companies have approved the transaction, which will be announced Thursday morning, one of the people said. If this merger goes thru, the new cable giant would tower over its closest video competitor, DirecTV, which has about 20 million video customers.

Comment Re:Intellectual property is a hoax. (Score 1) 212

*I am probably more with you than against you, ultimately*

That said...

"I don't make money off code I wrote 10 years ago - it's absurd that an artist would expect the same."

You would be if you had written and were selling the final product yourself. But something you wrote for your employer? Probably not. Likewise, an artist (maybe a scientific illustrator, for example) who produced art and was paid a salary to do so, probably isn't making any money off of it now.

Comment Re:Is there really any point to this? (Yes) (Score 2, Interesting) 326

Before clicking on any health care related article in Forbes, you need to ask yourself "am I about to read something written by Avik Roy?" If so, just stop. He spews crap. Now, I have not actually clicked on your link yet, but I am about to. And we will see if my powers of prediction are at all accurate.

Comment Re:Stylus (Score 1) 56

I've had 10" tablets as well as 7" tablets. I think 7" is superior in almost every way, except for one. And that one happens to be one of the things I most enjoy using my tablet for: reading comic books in .cbr format. And for that 7" is too small for my taste. But it's *almost* enough. So maybe 8" would be sufficient (although I suspect you really do want that 10" screen for easy reading without a lot of panning).

Comment Re:A better long-term response (Score 1) 314

"Are you aware that this isn't the first time that TWC threatened to drop CBS?"

What other time did they threaten to drop them? As to dropping other CBS-owned properties if CBS insisted on jacking the rates sky-high, I grant that is just corporate hardball. If you want to blame TWC for that I can't say it's factually wrong, but it is nuanced.

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