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Comment Re:Boston Representing (Score 1) 397

There's pretty close to 2 feet on the ground here in the Boston suburbs and it's still snowing hard with gusty wind.
So far it is exactly what was forecast for this area.

But don't worry. Those poor business will continue to get plenty of handouts at the expense of public works and the common good.

Comment Re:Like it matters (Score 1) 157

I take it back. I only have the 50Mbs.
It was a nice boost over the previous 15Mbs. For everything except Youtube.

Usually the first couple videos play well, but after that... Long pauses every few seconds.
I look forward to the new 6fps mode.

Sorry. No one deserves being called a FCC commissioner.

Comment Re:I informed you thusly... (Score 3, Funny) 410

He would have certainly been worse in some ways, but he could not have pulled off crap like this without outcry.
That's why every president's biggest policies are stuff the other party wants but can't get away with.

EPA? Republican.
NAFTA? Democrat.
Medicare prescription drug benefit? Republican.
Romneycare? Democrat.
Financial deregulation? Well, everybody. You got me there,

Comment Re:Not the worst keyboard (Score 1) 91

I didn't have one of those new-fangled ZX81's, but I thought the keyboard on my ZX-80 was adequate.
It's not like you were going to type a book on it. The programming environment was elegantly terse.

Mine still works - as well as it ever did. It will work until there are no more TVs with the right inputs.

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