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Comment Re:Yeah but..... (Score 1) 172

No, my pockets aren't big enough to fit any of the latest monstrosities, but I happened to want a new Nexus phone. I've still got a Galaxy Nexus, which is about as large as I can comfortably fit in my pocket, and it's getting a little long in the tooth.

I was hoping for a Nexus 6 mini, but no such luck.

Comment Re:Search engine misfeature still there (Score 2) 167

The workaround here is to use keywords:
Click the engine dropdown in the search box and choose Manage Search Engines.
Create keywords for the search engines you care about (eg. 'g' for google, 'wp' for wikipedia, 'd' for, etc).
Perform searches in the Awesome Bar by typing "<keyword> <search terms>" and ignore the search box (except to configure more search engines and/or keywords).

Comment Re:Favorite moments (Score 1) 211

I must admit, though, one of the best moments is when BBC revived Dr. Who and had an episode (maybe the first episode) where the Doctor takes Rose billions of years into the future, with the sun about to engulf the earth.

You're describing the opening scene of s01e02, The End of the World.

Comment Re:Placebin (Score 1) 291

This is why you can actually say [homeopathy/snake oil/Magnet Therapy] etc. all are "scientifically proven to improve your outcomes" and be telling the truth.

Actually, you cannot say anything has been scientifically proven and be telling the truth because science has no proof mechanism.

Comment Re:They also shoveled search in. (Score 1) 365

The context menu search has always defaulted to the engine selected in the search box. Mine has remained set to Google and is not even one of the options I have, so I'm thinking maybe something else has hijacked your settings. Either that or you've changed it yourself without realizing.

Comment Re:More Info Please... (Score 5, Informative) 123

science doesn't deal with facts

Uh, what? Facts are the foundation of science. If science has any issue with facts it's that Joe Sixpack thinks the hierarchy is...

Hypothesis -> Theory -> Facts

In actuality, it's...

Facts -> Hypothesis -> Theory

Hypotheses and theories are built on facts. Maybe you meant science doesn't deal with proof?

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