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Comment Different election this time? (Score 2, Interesting) 323

i just don't think raw $ is going to have quite the effect it's had in the past. Information control isn't bought quite as easily, nor is it nearly as effective, as in the past. Far fewer are glued to their TVs for their world-view. I can't imagine Trump getting in this if he knew of some true skeletons to hide. I can't imagine Hillary ever imagined how quickly her closets would fill up way back before meeting Bill. Hiding skeletons seems to be all she's ever done. And too many of you are too young to realize how long some of us have been watching the "Slick Willy" crime syndicate operate.

Comment Must see Democratic machine undercover footage. (Score 2) 312 The Democratic Party has gone slam off the farm. I only wonder where the Republican machine corruption is relatively..., and are they really scared of Trump. So far, I've only given the Rep's inner circles credit for better operational security.

Is Trump our Underdog to get the Simon Bar Sinister's of the world, or is he a devious plant by the establishment? I don't see how they could plan to work this where Trump just shifts the NWO agenda to the next gear without the rest of us down here going ballistic on their asses.

Comment Re:Long term winner? NOT Trump (Score 1) 157

I can't find these guys... saying a thing about Trump. Perhaps you have a link for those accusations?

I'm betting Trump was grinning like a possum eating persimmons and asking everyone around him,"Does anyone pick 'em better than me? Nobody. I know how to winners. That's why I'm winning."

Comment Chuck Missler (Score 1) 1042

He explains it right now on youtube....
He's one of the best nuts and bolts teachers for those looking for more of a facts based analysis of the Bible.
Tell those billionaires to use their wealth for the good of all. There's only one escape from death and that's only for a select few in a narrow time frame. Everybody else gets to die. Quit worrying over it, pay attention to how you live....

Comment Re:Repent and be saved. (Score 1) 380

So, I'm a "troll" huh? Could I have asked for a better confirmation of the spiritual condition of today's society? When i get to heaven, I'm going to find Jonah first thing, and let him know just how much he spoke to me...
I'll tell each of you young(and not so young) people the same thing I tell my own grown child, and every one else I care for. You remain ignorant of, or rely on others to explain to you, the contents of the Holy Scriptures at the peril of your own eternal soul.

Here's a man, ,who was working in information and military technologies at the highest levels while most all of us were still learning not to shit our pants. I'm nobody, barely a half century of life experience, not much reason for any of you to give me a second thought. But, I dare any of you "educated", "intelligent" men to give Mr. Missler an honest hour of your time and come back saying there's nothing to be gained from a solid personal investigation of the message of the Bible.

Comment Perpetual corruption. (Score 2, Insightful) 500

I just hope that enough citizens will realize that the Founding Fathers came up with this whole "elections every 2-6 years" notion for a reason. Would YOU please help me in voting against every sorry ass criminal holding office currently or formerly? There shouldn't be more than mebbe a small handful of incumbents remaining come 2017, and they'd better have a damned solid history of exposing and opposing the big $ corruption taking over OUR lives.

Comment Re: she will get very sick after winning if she is (Score 1) 380

I've voted 3rd party ever since Reagan. Can't do it this time. The Clinton/Bush establishment machine is just too obvious for me not to see that they won't allow another "election" to threaten their thirst for power if they get the WH again. This may very well be the last chance to take back control of our country through the ballot box. Clinton is just long-time, known, self-serving evil. I can't be a part of putting them in power over my child's future.

Trump may turn out to be just as bad, but he could be for real. Anyone who'll spend the time to go over his positions( ), and actually pay attention to what he says in full context, should realize that the racist buffoon portrayal is just political fear-mongering. I'm greatly encouraged by the establishment's horror and consternation, on both sides, at the notion of Trump as President. At least there's a possibility he's real. I'm frankly terrified for my child if the Clintons get another stint in the WH.

I'm voting Trump for President this time, but I'll still vote 3rd party everywhere else possible....

Comment Repent and be saved. (Score -1, Troll) 380

I recommend every Slashdotter check out the work of Chuck Missler on youtube and He has an extensive background in information tech that will hopefully catch the ear of some of you trying to make sense of an increasingly insane world.

If you are not well-read in the Bible you will not understand what is happening to the world. It is both an exhilarating and terrifying time to be alive. I look across the world and see so many lost souls rejecting love and truth in favor of lies and hate. Unless we are capable of a perfect life lived before a perfect God, the blood of Jesus is our only salvation. Seek him while you can...

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