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Comment Re:If you want to be taken seriously (Score 1) 103

You're absolutely backwards AC. I don't care what goofy assed naming convention or garish boot/login splash is used as long as the system is stable, fast, configurable, and suited to my needs. Likewise, I don't care how noble and "professional" the name or logo appears if I've got to reboot lock-ups, schedule coffee breaks for wait periods, and only get to do what the OS's developer decided I needed to do my work.

As always, you're the problem AC...

Comment Re:Open Hardware (Score 1) 457

Comment Re:What is the surprise exactly? (Score 1) 457

First, if you think this release is relevant only to activities outside the US you are naive, at best. Second, if you DID know this kind of thing was going on, and weren't making all the noise you could to combat this infringement, you deserve the tyranny that rules you, and are also responsible for its power over others.

America wasn't built with "business as usual/not my problem" attitudes...

Comment Re:Linux malware... (Score 4, Informative) 457

Here's a few excerpts...

Modifies all mikrotik, linux, and solaris code so any successful beacon or trigger will also create a /var/.config timer file if it does not already exists. Note that the trigger listening function will automatically self delete the executable if it discovers that the /var/.config file does not exists. If a self delete occurs, the normally empty /var/.config will contain a time stamp when the actual self delete occurred using a yymmddHHMMSS format. Previous versions would allow the
executable to stay on the box but would stop the process whenever the /var/.config file was removed. Version 2.4's Caution for Solaris shells still applies. A new
Hive updating script called was added which also resets the self-delete timer for all linux, Mikrotik, and Solaris devices.

(S) Below is the list of files included in this release, along with their size and MD5 hashes.
Filename File Size(bytes) MD5 Hash
CCS.xml 490235 1dd06dd5b74ceb7cab9b599a22f99975
cutthroat 1095780 caba38dc033c86f5f9daa837dfe4c2fa
hive670859 216f0da2dca51fb33044e5b525db45a3
hive-patcher 1368840 dee62bac8aa66f6a309c2bb1c675c3e0 60292 d3153e378e24f4bed0ceddfcab599fb8 15500 5ef80df352e52e191556663c0bcc3059
swindle.cfg 680 3b9185be038c826c39734f1be273b37f
Unpatched Binaries
hived-linux-i386-unpatched 165280 a7729c8b0c5f1b0f3bc1888a43be3525
hived-mikrotik-i386-unpatched 163426 7905ecba0e020fe8883099fb45ff2e50
hived-mikrotik-mipsbe-unpatched 234944 e74ad934ff90aa2354d3874009563343
hived-mikrotik-mipsle-unpatched 235307 4f2d7d2e817684a21f2de8315c2d9eb3
hived-mikrotik-ppc-unpatched 175812 0806e6641cafe014266d30ee1d4b37ef
hived-solaris-i386-unpatched 174764 3adb8dfaf459948a0eea6a9439396059
hived-solaris-sparc-unpatched 207720 aa853024ec50b914c3cb3717b36d7e5c

Comment Re:Hey, cable companies: (Score 1) 200

I'm gonna quit Frontier ASAP for backing this kind of nonsense...
" AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, CenturyLink, Verizon, Frontier. To stay in power, they’ve fought against cities and municipalities in state legislatures across the country.
“It’s been kind of a war,” says Christopher Mitchell, the director of the Community Broadband Networks Initiative. “It’s rare for states to do much [Internet] building. Cities want to invest in more competition. But states, acting on behalf of cable and telephone companies, prevent that from happening.” "

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