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Comment Re:I'll think about it (Score 2) 81

I would agree with you about the audio based on other people's flat-panels, but I must admit I've been very happy with mine. It's a 6 year old 50" Panasonic Viera P50G20 (and, yes, it's a plasma!:), and its audio actually sounds really really good. Sure, it doesn't produce bass that you can feel in your bones, but that's what the surround sound receiver is for, though I rarely use it.

I dread the day I need to replace it because of the good audio and the picture is still amazing (it's in a basement, so it doesn't need to compete with direct sunlight). Hopefully the newer TVs are even better and I won't be disappointed.

Comment Re:Obligatory Fermi (Score 2) 381

I would say "no." First of all, the propulsion laser is only fired at it for a few minutes while it's still close to its launch point. Second, we wouldn't be in the laser's path if we were the destination since the laser light is traveling 5x faster than the probes (missing our location probably by several years, unless of course ours and theirs stellar movement is in exactly the same or exactly the opposite directions).

Comment Re:Good guy teleco emplyees... (Score 4, Informative) 123

I had at&t unlock my iphone a few months ago and it couldn't have been simpler. I did it from their web site with a very simple form and it was unlocked within 2 days.

Maybe I was just lucky, I don't know, I'm just a sample of one. I have no love for AT&T, but at least that worked well for me.

Comment Re:Programming error (Score 3, Informative) 146

Ya, like sirber said above. In another story, they say:

The source code led to an astounding discovery: included in the same database of formidable bcrypt hashes was a subset of 15.26 million passwords obscured using MD5


"Instead of cracking the slow bcrypt$12$ hashes which is the hot topic at the moment, we took a more efficient approach and simply attacked the MD5 ... tokens instead."

I thought I had seen a story about a problem with PHP's bcrypt implementaion not too long ago, but I can't find anything on it now so I might have misread something.

Comment Re:Oh the irony (Score 1) 111

The host name is provided by the client during the TLS negotiation. If the server were to go first, so-to-speak, it might have to send hundreds or more host names if it's hosting a lot of sites, and that would be slow and an ugly information leak (to be able to hit one IP address and discover all of the sites behind it).

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