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Comment In other ironic news... (Score 1) 1475

For the few days before the election hundred s of AdSense publishers were pissed off because AdWords advertisers were buying up every spot possible to show their pro-prop-8 ads all over the AdSense network...they were especially abundant on GLBT web sites, which I personally got a good chuckle out of.

Comment Re:You should have asked this a year before. (Score 1) 540

haha, my wife and I are having this disagreement when it comes to talking to our kids about career wife is totally 100% "gotta go to college" and I am not. She went to college, I didn't...she works 10-12 hours a week as an ECFE teacher (her degree is in teaching) I work 40+ making twice as much per, well, no, I don't think college is a must...I taught myself to program and have done pretty well.

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