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Comment Cloud needs a standard compute metric (Score 1) 114

Cloud remains very expensive for stable user loads, because there remains no means to compare compute capacity between offers. Amazon suffers no price competition. The price of Amazon's original small instance remains unchanged after four years. 30 providers might use 23 different compute metrics. See as a first pass ranking of providers by mapping all providers to ECU's

Submission + - Cloud Computing Price War (

dberninger writes: The CloudPriceCalculator project ranks Amazon EC2 instances against other infrastructure as a service cloud offers by adopting the ECU as the measure of compute capacity. The price of Amazon's original EC2 instance has not changed in four years, so the default small standard instance ranks very poorly relative to the alternatives. Broad adoption of ECU by all cloud providers would make price comparisons much easier.

Submission + - Sound of Mobile Calls Gets an Upgrade (

dberninger writes: "France Telecom announced the worlds first deployment of high definition (HD) voice for cellular phones in the tiny country of Moldova.

HD which doubles the frequency response of a telephone call represents the first substantial improvement in telephone voice quality since 1937.

There exists near zero awareness of HD in the telephone space, so companies with HD based telephone products assembled an alliance HDConnect ( to push for adoption.

"Can you hear me now"....Yes, finally!"


Submission + - High Definition to Crash the Voice Party (

dberninger writes: "The GigaOM column draws attention to the strangely static nature of telephone voice quality. The core value proposition of the
telephone — conveying voice — remains largely unchanged over the last 50 years. A new generation of VoIP based devices leveraging G.722 and other wideband codecs threaten to upset the voice status quo."

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