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Comment Re:I can't get behind this concept. (Score 1) 152

your child starts crying, throwing a tantrum, demanding everyone goes home, is agitated or aggressive

Quelling this behavior is parenting 101. This is never allowed to fly from day one from any of my children. I have 8, and have been a parent for 24 years with the same wife. I think I am qualified when I call bullshit.

So I'm not saying you're wrong (I'm not a parent and I haven't carefully considered how I would do so), but surely you must realize you're an (extreme) outlier and your experience doesn't necessarily apply to most people right? 8 kids over 24 years with the same wife is incredibly unusual, and I can think of several things off the top of my head that would apply to you and that situation that wouldn't apply to me.

Comment Re:Let's be clear on what we mean by election hack (Score 1) 251

there is ZERO proof the DNC "rigged" anything.

Oh, get serious. The whole "superdelegate" apparatus exists only to thwart the will of the voters.

Does that really need to be said so negatively? As if the will of the voters were the only thing that mattered, and as if the voters' will was omnipotent, omniscient, and without error?

Even the "checks and balances" of the US acknowledges that there are huge swathes of life that shouldn't be routinely subject to the will of voters (namely law enforcement). And anybody who's watching this particular USian slow train wreck MUST acknowledge that in this instance the democratic will of the people was at best misguided.

Comment Re:Russian hacking (Score 2) 251

Shouldn't the Russians be acting like the US was Belarus or Tajikistan instead, if the Dems were correct in portraying Trump as a vassal of Putin?

At least the sources I use aren't claiming that Trump is a vassal of Putin - they're claiming that Trump is Putin's pawn.

It's been apparent for years that Russia has been trying to pick a real fight with the US or the EU, the usual reason given being that Putin needs to distract a restless Russian population from local issues particularly corruption. Putin getting Trump elected is seemingly a big win if all these things are true - Trump certainly seems far more likely to get into a war with Russian than ... pretty much any other 2016 presidential candidate.

To sum: Trump is Putin's pawn, not a vassal. Putin is now manipulating his pawn into starting an armed conflict (or at least another cold war) with Russia.

Comment Re:They also have much better stuff (Score 1) 495

You can't pay the rent or eat with a free download. And your job is at risk - you not only can be replaced, it's pretty much certain you will be replaced. And with more people competing for jobs where humans haven't yet been replaced, do you really think you're immune? Nobody - not even politicians, judges, lawyers, cops, and soldiers - are immune.

Sorry to say you're missing an important part of reality/politics - politicians, rich people, leaders, etc., will in fact be immune. They have power, and even if they choose not to prevent change from happening, you can be damned sure they'll be insulated from any ill effects that change brings.

Some people (good people) will be working towards helping the rest of the population adapt to the changes, but they're getting drowned out by people yelling "everybody is bad! nobody can be trusted!" at the moment. (Gee, I wonder who benefits from that?)

Comment Re:They also have much better stuff (Score 2) 495

Quality of life is better because you can get entertainment instantly? Wow, talk about pacifying the masses.

You know I've started having similar thoughts as I've watched our society evolve over the last 3.5 decades. (Disclaimer: I am a seriously hard-core socialist.) It seems like we're heading towards Roman bread and circuses, specifically with talk about basic income. We already have the circuses (there's more cheap/free entertainment than ever, it's really mind-boggling), and now we're demanding bread (basic income).

A lot of people think basic income is a great idea and I think on balance I do too, but what will happen when 90% of people just don't contribute economically? Why bother educating them? That's where we were for most of our history - entrenched aristocracies ruling over the ignorant masses, typically with shocking abuses. How badly you prospered or how badly you suffered was a question of whose vagina you were lucky enough to be born out of.

We should be careful of what we wish for.

Comment Re:Curing Greed. (Score 1) 468

"Hawking warns...Humanity must come together if we are to overcome these challenges..."

So, in other words, you must cure humanity of the pure unadulterated, narcissistic greed that has created the chasm between the elitists and the rest of the human race.

Fat fucking chance of that shit happening.

Defeatism will definitely prevent anything from happening!

That said: good people working hard can limit greed and its ill effects, though obviously not eliminate it.

Greed in particular is a fucking "mortal sin". How the hell did we go from "mortal sin" to cheerleading it? WTF?

Comment Re:Et tu, Slashdot? (Score 1) 158

The current "media narrative" stories are probably the single most important issue of the day, underpinning pretty much everything else. Without a functioning media (and everybody agrees it's dysfunctional), we collectively and individually lack the data necessary to make good decisions, and the people as a whole lack the focus to support good decisions and decry bad ones. Good job Slashdot editors; GFY, konohitowa.

Comment Re:This is interesting (Score 1) 711

So basically you're saying you're a gigantic gaping asshole? Gotcha :) (The guy was just making a joke, and a reasonable one - Trump portrays himself as a braying donkey of doom. And the real frothing-at-the-mouth liberals are just trying to help make the world a better place and can't understand why such a large proportion of the population are dicks like you - of course they get worked up :)

Comment Re:Silly rabbit (Score 2) 813

The idea that "all politicians are terrible and useless and evil" is almost certainly being deliberately spread by the worst politicians - they don't want us to figure out which ones good so we can support them to the hilt. I also believe they deliberately promote the attitude that "all politicians are equally bad" because when they do ultimately get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, people will just shrug their shoulders and move on rather than holding the guilty parties responsible (because, after all, they're all equally bad :).

Comment It's too soon! (Score 1) 1052

It's way too soon for this. We're just not there yet. Consider the example in the original post; Australia spends $3 billion on its "CentreLink welfare system" (which I assume is what they spend on welfare). That works out to $130 per person per year, if everything was just distributed out as basic income. If we try it before when we're _obviously_ not ready for it, it'll just fail and it might even discredit the idea. (I wonder if that's a contributing factor to the really rather sudden appearance of these trials.)

Comment Re:You're not removing hate speech, just hiding it (Score 1) 405

Europe seems to fundamentally "not get" how democracy works. When confronted with something unpleasant, they try to ban it.

The only cure for unpleasant speech is more speech. Anything else ultimately makes it worse.

Or, maybe, Europe has had its fill of radical fascist ring-wing asshats and the problems they cause (read: death, destruction, war, poverty, etc.), and this is one of the tools they use to keep a lid on it.

Comment Re:Canada gets screwed by the AGW scam (Score 1) 327

I predict these views will be censored and modded to -1. For a community that supposedly favors the free and open exchange of ideas, Slashdot isn't very tolerant of opposing views. Voicing my opinion that AGW is a scam will result in my post being censored to -1. If AGW were real, there would be no need to censor dissenting views; the facts would prove the point far better than any moderation. The censorship is necessary because the facts aren't on the side of the AGW evangelists.

Some of us are tolerant of opposing opinions, when they're not outrageously harmful. Hopefully most of us are intolerant of misinformation and FUD, and I hope most of us aren't even tolerant of opposing opinions when they're both clearly wrong and actively harmful. At this point it's fairly apparent that anybody touting anti-global-warming "opposing views" are either pathologically misinformed, or astroturfing.

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