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LG Presents Solar Powered E-Book 139

MikeChino writes "At first glance, e-readers offer a great set of benefits over paper-bound books – they’re light, versatile, and a great alternative to lugging around a tote full of dead tree tomes on your next trip. However these new reading mediums have one glaring fault — can you imagine the frustration of running out of juice mid-sentence and halfway through Infinite Jest? LG's new solar e-book aims to address this issue by harnessing the sun's rays to power its display. The device features a 10 centimeter wide thin-film photovoltaic panel that can power the reader for a full day's worth of reading after 4-5 hours spent sitting in the sun."

Comment Re:Standby Energy Usage (Score 3, Interesting) 364

If we assume that 50% of them are plugged in, that's an additional 100MW of generating capacity needed worldwide.
  From a Houston Chronicle aritcle, l_affordable_1.html, an 1000MW coal plant spews 6 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per year.
So, a 100MW coal plant would spew 600,000 tons of CO2 per year [544,310,844 kg]
That's the impact. But, this is only for 2W standby power for one product.
Also ... $2.63 * 50 million = $131.5 million. That's like 1000 houses for 1000 homeless families ... and that's in the United States ... that money could go further in other places.

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