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Input Devices

iPhone App Developed To Control NASA Robot 26

andylim writes "At EclipseCon 2010 attendees were challenged to create a robotic control system to drive a NASA-provided robot across a prototypical Mars landscape. To win the EclipseCon e4-rover Mars challenge, developers could either prove their e4 programming skills by creating the best e4-Rover client, or use an e4 client to operate the Rover through a series of tasks to collect points. Software architects Peter Friese and Heiko Behrens built an iPhone client for the EclipseCon challenge which controls the robot around NASA's Mars landscape using the iPhone's accelerometer."

Comment Re:How amusing (Score 1) 209

I tried to say:
I one would not acknowledge something they would make/create/write, there is noting to waive?
AKA guerrilla style art(or fill in your poison) making..
Its there but know one knows who made it.

Perhaps i have should written it as a coward but then again, im not..

Comment Re:Jeuhhh first? (Score 1) 214

well after reading TFA i was wondering if Solaris 8 or 9 where really performing like they say: " meets strict low-latency and messaging requirements of brokerages and trading firms."
uhmm AFAIK there using SUN boxes and solaris ( IBM and the rest is also there ) and those did not have "RealTime"
well i just did put some stuff here so let me be a karma whore.
sorry for the inconvenience

Submission + - Adamantium

HomeySmurf writes: Not really adamantium, but scientists at UCLA have designed a new super hard and incompressible metal, rhenium diboride which is relatively easy to fabricate and can scratch diamond. Now we can start working on the Weapon X project and develop Wolverine claws.

Feed Brain Networks Strengthened By Closing Ion Channels, Research Could Lead To ADHD (

Yale School of Medicine and University of Crete School of Medicine researchers report the first evidence of a molecular mechanism that dynamically alters the strength of higher brain network connections. This discovery may help the development of drug therapies for the cognitive deficits of normal aging, and for cognitive changes in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Submission + - From Python to Ruby on Rails to Erlang...

Didier Prophete writes: "SlideAware, a new startup, talks about building a Web2.0 application using different development tools: they first tried Python/TurboGears, then Ruby on Rails, and finally decided to use Erlang/OTP for ultimate scalability and speed. It's only the first article in a series which will highlight some of the strong points of Erlang/OTP as a full-featured highly scalable web development platform."

Submission + - Seeing through walls

slartibarfast writes: The New Scientist Technology Blog has a cool article about eavesdropping on computer monitor images from another room. 4/seeing-through-walls.html
We forget about the amount of electrical fields created by wired electronics it is interesting to see how much data is transmitted wirelessly even without being meant to. I know its a blog but the subject was too good to pass up.

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