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The Courts

$4 Million In Fines For Linking To Infringing Files 317

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "The MPAA won judgments totaling $4M against two sites which merely link to infringing content. They're not arguing that it's an infringement of their distribution right, like the RIAA has with their 'making available' argument. Instead, they got the sites for 'contributory copyright infringement', just like RIAA v. LimeWire. To translate all that legalese into English, search engines which primarily index copyright-infringing material and the people who run them may not be safe in the US. That applies even if the sites in question do not host any infringing materials, participate in, or encourage the infringement done by their users. And, even honoring DMCA notices in order to take advantage of the DMCA Safe Harbor provisions hasn't prevented the **AA from suing."

Comment Re:Holy crap! (Score 1, Informative) 333

woah woah, calm down brian. Its definitely good, and big news, but from what I've read so far they've only identified the gene... I'm sure there are all sorts of dangers involved with activating vestigial parts of our DNA. I say we wait for more scientific authority (note that the story is about reasearch at U-Alberta and hosted by U-Alberta. My vote: we keep wearing condoms for a while...

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