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Comment A world without ISPs? (Score 0, Interesting) 421

If every computer was linked to every other in its vicinity, rather than directly to a limited number of ISPs, I wonder everything would be faster and more robust overall; a self healing network rather than one vunerable to a few cables snapping. The watchers won't be happy losing control but might it be a better net, if not everything had to go through the narrow part of the funnel?

Can this already be done with wireless bridging?.. is it possible to fragment DNS lookup so the ISP becomes redundant?

Data Storage

Submission + - Poll: My favourite way to finding data is..

davidpbrown writes: My favourite way to finding data is..

I re-type it.
Ctrl-F, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V
7eet use of wildcards *
I use % just to be different
Everybody stand back I know Regex
My butler's called Sed

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