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Comment Re:Nothing unconstitutional about this (Score 1) 347

Citation? Not that I expect an AC to respond, but this sounds like you pulled it out of your ass.

"Sorry Mr President, we have confirmed there is an armed nuclear weapon heading to Washington, but it is arriving by mail so there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent it. Trust me, an anonymous coward told me so."

Comment Re:China (Score 0) 347

Yes, because accusing China of espionage is fucking crazy! These people need to put their tinfoil hats back on if they think China would ever spy on foreign businesses and government. The United States is the only country that is able to spy, because Snowden said so!

The blindness of the sheeple is amazing. I am sure you denied that any spying was plausible before the leaks, and now you are denying its possible for anyone other than the US because of the leaks, and your opinion will change next week when another leak is published. To those who use common sense, you can see the larger picture here. This is nations doing what nations do. The US is not alone, nor is China the only other culpable country. This is being done by everyone with the resources to do so, and those who don't really wish they did.

Comment Re: BS! (Score 1) 259

You should be forcing SSL from the start and advertising SSL URL's only. Having mixed content leads to MITM attacks using stuff like sslstrip. While your points are mostly true, it is just shitty practice that you shouldn't expect from such a large company.

Comment Re:Will not matter. (Score 5, Insightful) 328

this is a product designed for the 0.0001%.

Come on now...

Society worldwide is changing towards renewable energy. While Tesla's cars might not be perfect right now, they are a step in the right direction. It is so hard to go up against an established industry, especially when they have such large lobbying budgets. I hope you can understand that this isn't just about Tesla, it's about new businesses being able to compete.

And for the 0.0001% give me a break. These cars may be expensive and considered a luxury item, but it doesn't mean they cannot be afforded by middle to upper middle class. Also, new technology is expensive, that's how it works. If they don't sell any new cars due to archaic laws, how do you expect the price to drop?

This topic is very interesting to watch unfold, and I think many slashdotters would agree with me.

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